Sunday, 31 January 2010

31st January 2010

What can I say about January , it started with snow and is leaving us with snow, and I absolutely loved it , so pretty.

There have been happy times and sad times .

There has been lots of cooking which is going to continue along with Simones Friday Cake Bake. The Rachel Allen cookbook is still with me and has been renewed at the library, I did tell them they weren't getting it back !! I found her website too, go check out the recipes . I'd love to here if you make anything and then you can give me some pointers , can't you ?

There has been some knitting although the things I showed you here, still look exactly the same .

This gorgeous pussy willow is all that is left from the bouquet I recieved .

I'd also like to thank everyone for staying with me and for all the advice and hints and tips given over the past 31 days, you are all stars.

So now I'm saying bye bye to January -- see you again next year.


Middle Cottage Diary said...

Our snow has all gone but it is still bitter cold. My parents live in South Shields and they had 5 inches of snow on Friday night. The weather is doing strange things!

lou said...

I love pussy willow...i have got some in the front room. I wish we had more snow, I know most people were fed up with it in the, I LOVE IT!!!
Keep up with the cooking, you are doing so well.

Love Lou xxx

Jane P. said...

Many thanks for the January posts, I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you each day!

Joanne said...

It's been a real plesure reading your blog through January and I look forward to the next month. Lots of cooking and more gorgeous photo's.

Joanne x

kellykelly1 said...

blog is great~~祝你人氣高高~........................................

LizzieJane said...

The pussy willows are just lovely. They always have me thinking that Spring can't be to far away. Looking forward to your February blogging!

driftwood said...

love your willow twigs, gorgeous.
I found Rachel Allens website recently too, I made the chicken casserole with cheesy dumplings - yummy xoxox

andamento said...

Love the pussy willow stems.

I've also got the Rachel Allen "Bake" book. I use her basic cookie recipe all the time - they're so quick & yummy though I prefer biscuits to cookies so I just bake them longer. I've also tried her sponge cakes which were fine too. Will try one of her savoury recipes next I think.

Thimbleanna said...

Yipee! You got snow again! And where did January go??? Can't say I'm sorry to see it gone, but it sure seemed to fly by!

Tabiboo said...

'Ooohhh' thanks for the RA link and here's to February,

Nina x

ps. love the pussy willow.