Monday, 11 January 2010

11th January 2010

Bleeuurrghhhhh, that's just how I feel at the minute , bllleurghhhhhhh.
Maybe it's because I had such a lovely weekend , even though what we had planned didn't happen , like a trip to the flicks and a meal out because of the snow, it didn't matter . I had a lovely time with all my boys, an amazing walk where I did actually go sledging ( loved it ) had my meals cooked for me by Hub , who unlike someone, cough, cough, is a great cook, had a lie in - which doesn't happen very often - a lovely weekend .
Now it's all back to normal, Hub is back to work and Milo is back to school , the snow is just about all gone , leaving in it's wake a pile of dirty slushy mush and treacherous ice..... hopefully the rain that is forecast will clear the last of the ice away too.
I'm sooo not in the mood for knitting and all my little projects are just lying there in their little bags, they will get picked up again , I'm just not sure when ......... like I said before though I'm not stressing about it. Hub is always telling me to calm down and not get stressed in his words " do you want to give yourself a heart attack?". So I'm not stressing about anything.

Do you want to know what I did today ....... I played , yep, played with this little man, all day

and we made soup

he especially liked the stirring ( don't worry the oven wasn't even switched on at this point )

Right now I'm watching The Bourne Supremacy, with a large glass of chilled wine and thinking about getting one of these.

There's a lot more thought yet though as I know about the amount of exercise they need and the cost etc. I was brought up with dogs and there have been both greyhounds and whippets in the family in the past so I know more or less what it is involved - but like I say it's just an idea at the minute..


Joanne said...

What a beautiful dog.

You've been tagged

Joanne x

Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, look at that cute little cherub! In the first picture, he looks like the little pixies from the 50's. Sounds like you had a perfect day!

Lyn said...

Oh a puppy! yeah!!!

Adrienne said...

Must have been a cooking day - John and I made cookies.

G is such a cutie pie! He's getting so big!

I want a dog but I don't another 'child' to care for ... maybe one day.

LizzieJane said...

He is a lovely doggy. Why are they so hard to resist? What a great little kitchen helper. I could do with one of those!

driftwood said...

one of our neigbours just rescued a whippet from the dogs home, he's adorable..... xx

Jane P. said...

Hub is so right about not getting stressed! You had a really great day with the little man-thats what is really important, good for you!

Tracy x said...

dooooo ittttt....
get a whippet!
let me know if i can tell you the good and (many!) bad points :)
t x

Anonymous said...

i think it's that time of year, as i feel bleuugh too!
sounds like a good day making soup. i'm looking forward to my little boy being old enough to enjoy cooking!