Monday, 25 January 2010

25th January 2010

I am at a complete loss at what to write today, the weather has been grey, grey , grey - a bit like my brain I think.
I made potato gloop for tea , in other words mashed potato gone wrong , how I managed that I have no idea!
I tried to take some pics of my knitting but because of the light they looked awful so I'll try again tomorrow , fingers crossed.
So I'm going to show you a picture I've shown you before , on the 25th January 2009 to be exact. My first snowdrop of 2009 - I do so hope they will still be there in 2 years time.....


Lina said...

Pretty snowdrops. Unusually we have had rain all day today and it feels like spring at 7C. It's normally around -20C!!!

driftwood said...

grey here too...... love your snowdrops xx

LizzieJane said...

I so love seeing the first snowdrops. It gives me hope that the dark, dreary, gloomy weather won't be with us forever.