Thursday, 7 January 2010

7th January 2010

You know , I hadn't actually realised just how much knitting I had done last year compared to sewing --- check out the lists on the right , just a bit of a difference !!
I think that towards the end of 2009 knitting kind of became an obsession of sorts and not always in a good way... don't get me wrong , I love knitting and I love it when someone asks me to make them something but it became a bit too much and I was just knitting bunny after bunny after bunny and as much as I adore the little blighters it came to a point where I decided that I really would like to make something else .... too much of a good thing I think the saying is. Also I wanted to take some time out to do other things , instead of enjoying playing with the boys , playing Farmville on Facebook ( I know I know ) or even reading blogs I would feel guilty for not knitting .
This year is going to be different , I'm going to relax a bit and make some different things - I have some awesome patterns which just haven't had a look in ........YET..

It's 7 days into the new year and I have already started a few things and finished a few too ... would you like to have a look?

A blanket for a baby due in 2 weeks -- this one might be a bit late as it's got quite a way to go yet.

And after everything I've just said , this one is going to be a bunny but it's a bunny with a difference and something I agreed to do for a lady who has already bought a couple of my other little critters.

This is going to be one of those patterns that I've wanted to knit but never got around too - I'll leave it as a surprise though !

And lastly, something I'm quite proud of as I kind of designed it .... it's nothing major so don't get too excited, but I do think they are rather cute?

Hopefully I'll get these few things finished by end of the month as I would really like to declare February as a sewing month ( more about that later ) but if they don't get finished by then I'm not going to get stressed by it ... no pressure .

So that's my crafty bits so far ..... I'll update as I'm going along , remember my post a day for January.

Oh , and the meal last night was also a success but boy the lady does like to use a lot of garlic , any tips for getting the smell off your hands would be greatly appreciated ( sugar didn't work Maree ) and on the menu for tonight is sweet and sticky pork noodle stir fry .... sounds nice don't you think -- I'll let you know tomorrow.


Adrienne said...

Those mice are so cute! You were busy in 2009 ~ I know what you mean about too much of something. I made several of my grocery totes at one time last year and it burnt me out big time. I haven't made one of those totes since. Can't wait to see what you are working on and what's coming up in Feb :-)

Anonymous said...

The mice are cute! :) Oh, I don't know what else to suggest... other than using minced garlic! Hope someone can suggest something that works. Gloves while cutting it? Look at all that knitting!! Wowsers! So cute!!!

LizzieJane said...

I love your mice. I think they are just wonderful. Over here we can buy this funny little metal thing that you rub on your hands while washing them. It is supposed to get the garlic out. The only other thing I know is just to wait it out and it will eventually go away.
Looking foreward to seeing what you will be sewing.

Joanne said...

Seven days in and you have already been so busy.
How much knitting!
Don't forget to take that time out.
Looking forward to Feb's sewing.

Joanne x

driftwood said...

ahh garlic, lemon juice is supposed to help I think, I tend to crush it with the blade of the knife so you have to handle it less than if you were finely chopping.

amazing list of knitting, I haven't picked up a needle so far this year.....

Little House By The Sea said...

You can use loemons or you can try one of these.

I dont have one but have heard that they are good. You used to be able to get them from Lakeland but I cant find one on their website, they do have a shop in Newcastle though.
Well done on the knitting, I am still struggling with it and dont even mention crochet ;-)
S x

Carol said...

Love them micies!
I love all of your knitting, as you well know. Please do not forget that xmas man I wanted...beg beg!
I too am going to try and relax into something for me this year, I did not manage to make anything much in 2009. 2010 I will!
A very Happy New Year to you and your lovley men.
Carol x