Thursday, 31 January 2008


Being the sad person that I am I really look forward to the beginning of a new month because thats when all the new magazines come out. I think I'm a bit addicted to buying magazines so one of my New Year resolutions was to cut back and so far I think I've managed it , but then again we are just going into February. Where has January gone?

Today I've bought 25 Beautiful Homes and I must say that after having a very quick look through it there seems to be quite a few really nice houses in it. Sometimes I find that most of the houses are a bit too modern for my tastes but not this month. Ill have a proper read when the kiddywinkles are tucked up in their beds.

I was hoping to finish my bear last night but I got a bit stuck. So this morning I went down to my very friendly local wool shop-- I am so lucky that it happens to be near enough at the end of my street-- where one of the lovely ladies showed me what to do. Tonight he will be finished , fingers crossed and I'll take some pics to post up tomorrow.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Going Full Circle

Firstly I just want to say a big thanks to Nonnie and all you guys that have posted comments on here . Thank you so much.

Just to let you know that I am still knitting my bear and the head is now sewn onto the body. Any tips on how to sew heads on straight for the next one will be greatfully accepted as he's a bit wonky. I'm not posting any pics yet-- I'm going to keep you all hanging on in there.

Back in my early 20,s ( ooh scary) I was a nanny working in London and even though I was looking after 4 kids I still had time to make this. Sorry the picture isn't very good.

This was my first attempt at Patchwork and it was all done by hand. By the end though I wasn't 100% sure on how to actually quilt it so it ended up becoming a duvet cover. One that was too big for a single bed and too small for a double. I am now pondering on wether or not I should actually take off the back sheet and make a go of quilting it properly? Decisions decisons.
I've also got a couple of half finished cushion covers that I forgot I'd even started!! Camera batteries went before I could take any pictures.

So finding this again stuck at the back of a cupboard made me think that I've gone full circle. From the above to knitting stripey jumpers ( which I sold whilst going through my gothic phase) to doing absolutley nothing and now starting again. I'm just hoping that this time I can keep it up and get better.


Sunday, 20 January 2008

I Did a Body

Yeah, I finished the body on my bear and I've started on the head. Just got to keep going now.....

My due date to go back to work has changed from 1st April until 1st July or maybe even until the end of the school holidays when M will be going to school full time instead of just nursery on the afternoons. The reason for this is that my Mother In Law who we paid to look after M whilst we were at work has said she doesn.t want to look after G. This has left us in a right pickle to say the least. Child minders are so expensive--especially when you have to pay for two!!. I just wish that I were more creative and able to sell things like some of the lovely titems you see in the Etsy shop and on the Blogs I read. Maybe one day.

We spent a nice afternoon down the park today. M took his trike although I,m not sure who enjoyed playing with it more!

I love going to the park, no matter what the weather. I think that there are two sets of people "beach/sea" people and the " grass/tree" people. I definately fall into the latter category. Even though we live close to the sea I'd much rather go to the park and bird spot or go raking for fungi or looking for squirrels.

Hub fed G his porridge when we got back home and the least said about that the better.

He enjoyed it though

Monday, 14 January 2008

I Wonder

I wonder if anyone will ever read my Blog the way that I've been reading other peoples Blogs. Most people probably think this when they start something new- will I ever sound or be as interesting as say Nonnie or Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits? I,ve had e-mails from both these lovely ladies but as yet feel a bit shy about telling them or anyone else for that matter about my Blog. Maybe once I,ve figured out how to add pictures or should I say maybe once my Hub has shown me how to do it.....
Yesterday M and I made rice crispy cakes , I think the highlight for him was licking the spoon at the end. I can't actually ever remember making these before, surely I must have but no it's a blank.

Licking the spoon-yum

Today on the way to taking M to nursery we saw a rainbow. It's kind of typical that the one day I don't have my camera with me we should see one. I did take a picture with my mobile but it wasn't very good.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

A Bit Hungover

Last night I went out for a few drinks with my friend of 20 + years Joanne. I met her at 8pm and was home and in bed by 11pm. So why is it that after a glass of white wine and 3 halves of cider I,ve got a bit of a hangover today, probably something to do with the fact that I never go out and don't drink-- bleurgh.
On a different note Nicholas John has been a bit poorly, he's in an incubator and getting antibiotics for an infection but he,s getting better.
Went shopping today and got myself a couple of bargains, a Zoe Mellor book for £3.99 from TK Maxx or Teeny Maxx as M calls it and some Eskimo wool for £1.50 a ball. So I bought 4 balls out of my birthday money. Only thing is I have to get round to actually using it instead of just talking about using it, finding some time would be nice.
One thing which really drove me mad today was why oh why when there are several doors to get into a shopping centre people queue to go through the automatic door which is open instead of using their arms and pushing open the door next to it. It makes no sense to me at all. I had to queue as I was pushing the pram and find it hard to open a door then turn the pram round and go through it backwards. Am I the only one who has noticed this ?
I think I'll start my teddy bear tomorrow night once the little uns have gone to bed and my head is a bit clearer..

Thursday, 10 January 2008

New Beginnings

Not only is this the first post of my new Blog but also the start of a new life as my 2nd nephew was born today Nicholas John was born at 11.45am weighing in at a whopping 12lb 6oz. Welcome to the world big un.
Yesterday was not only his mam's birthday but also my birthday and I had a great day. I actually had a lie in ( they are extremely rare) and breakfast in bed. My 3 yr old M kept trying to tell me what my presents were whilst Hub was trying to keep him quiet, bless him. I got my new No 7 Daycream, Tatty Grey Bear sitting on a cupcake-- so cute --and a lovely bunch of flowers with Lillies and Freesia. After M had gone to nursery I went for a walk with G wrapped up in his pram, in the freezing cold down the Park to feed the ducks . Tufty, the only duck not a Mallard, was still there and I
always try to throw him the most bread. I also like to try and feed the robins.

Berries in the park.

Sunset in the park

After the boys had gone to bed Hub cooked me a lovely tea, Mussels for starters and Steak for main course. He'd set the table up like in a restaurant and even wrote out a mini winelist-- thats why I love him..


Anyway, I think I have the magazine 25 Beautiful Homes to thank for this. They posted pictures of Cherry Menloves house with her website address, from her website I found Little Cotton Rabbits and thanks to Julies inspirational blog, I went out and bought a teddy bear pattern and some wool so wish me luck.

I'm not very computer literate so even getting this far is good for me.
I'll let you know how the knitting goes