Sunday, 25 January 2009

Milo - ism's

Milo is I presume like most 4 year olds and more often than not has us in stitches with what he says. Thursday on the way home from school was a prime example of a ' Milo -ism '..

Milo -- mammy I've been invited to a birthday party tomorrow.
Me -- tomorrow , who's having a party tomorrow, that's a bit short notice.
Milo -- ' A '
Me -- now which one of your friends is 'A' again?
Milo -- the one with hair like a toilet roll
Me -- !!!!!

I really must start noting more of these down I think.

I finished this little rabbit in time for a first birthday on the 19th. I was quite pleased with the jumper, my second attempt at intarsia. Pattern for this letter was from Julie.

You may or may not have noticed that I've started to keep lists down the right hand side. I think that this year I would like to keep track of what I've crafted , read ,etc. I don't think I'm doing too bad so far, the films are watched while I'm knitting or on the " poo poo" ( computer ) as G calls it.

and these are my first Snowdrops of 2009.......

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Presents From Around The World

Over the past few weeks I have done several little swaps with some lovely friends from around the world.
Firstly there was a chocolate swap with Adrienne, she not only sent us a load of Butterfingers and Herscheys kisses ( sorry no pics of the chocolates - it all
got eaten before I remembered ) but she also sent the boys a little frog each

and a little lavender sachet for me - isn't she lovely.

I always forget to take pics of what I send other people so if you'd like to see what I sent her have a look here.

Next was my swap with Louise, now as we all know Louise is one half of pattern designers Audrey and Maude. They had contributed a gorgeous hippo pattern to Sew Hip but hadn't actually seen the magazine so I sent off two copies , one for her and one for her partner Cathy. In return not only did I recieve this copy of Homespun ( one of the best magazines around in my opinion )

but also this gorgeous fabric. I've lost count of the amount of times I,ve looked at the mushroom fabric and thought about buying it - now I don't have to.

Then came my swap with Erna, this all came about when I asked how much the postage would be for one of the little hedgehogs from her shop.. Erna suggested a little swap instead , how could I refuse . Once again I forgot pics of what I sent but if you click on the link you can see what it was..

In these lovely wrapped little parcels were not only the cutest little hedgehog in it's own little bag

but some lovely fabric too

aren't the kissing couple just adorable? And these daisies and cherries are just the thing to brighten up a cold winters day ( apologies for the blurred pic )

There was also some red binding and some patterned tape which I just couldn't get a decent photo of.

My last little present was from Sarah at Miss Sew n Sew, she had posted some pictures of her Christmas cards and I just fell in love with this one, my dream house. Sarah very kindly sent me one of the cards which I'm going to put in a frame .

I find it really hard to believe that just over a year ago I didn't even know what blogging was . Now it is so much part of my life and I have made some really lovely friends . These presents came from places as far afield as America, Australia, Netherlands and the UK .
Not only do I want to thank my swap partners for some amazing goodies but I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog , everyone who comments to let me know they are there and to everyone who writes a blog too..... from all of you I get so many ideas and inspirations . I would be lost without each and every one of you .

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday , as a family, we had an awful day. There wasn't any particular reason why, but we were all grumpy, snappy and basically annoying each other. This morning hub and I decided we were not going to have another snappy Saturday so we bundled the boys in the car and set off for here.
Getting out of the car we were met by a rather friendly pony, although h
e did try and knock me off the stile as I was climbing over it !

On the other side of the pony's field we walked through the dunes and were met by these gorgeous views

could you imagine living this close to the beach?

Milo made sand angels

while G played with the ball

and rolled around a lot

but I think the most fun was doing this

dune jumping of course .

We all had a ball, and what made today even more special is that both me and hub have some excellent childhood memories of this place . Hopefully the boys will too.

Friday, 16 January 2009

No Pics Today

Having a few camera problems today so I'm just going to make this post short and sweet..

I used the random number generator to pick the winner for my giveaway and it picked

Lesley from Notes From My Days

now Lesley kind of hinted that she would like an elephant and she's okay with waiting a little while for it. So I'll show you some pics when it's finished.
edit - Lesley has decided to take Chance instead of an elephant

Then I thought seeing as how one of the original four hadn't been chosen I'd pick another one. This time it was

Cathy from Miss Marzie

Cathy chose William, so he'll be posted off soon....

Thank you to everyone who entered ,

I have removed part of this post which said that Chance was up for sale , but my offer still stands - if anyone would like a custom order please contact me for a no obligation quote.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, 9 January 2009

3 Things..

It's my birthday today,
I'm older than yesterday la la la,
yep today is my cough cough birthday and thanks to the Wii Fit off Hub I'm shattered !!

It's also my Bloversary - well it's on the 10th really but there's no harm being a day early is there? And last but not least it's also my 100th post.

You know when I first started this little Blog of mine I had no idea that I woul
d meet so many lovely people from all walks of life and from all over the world, that I would learn so many new things . Over the past year you have made me laugh and cry, you have let me into your lives and you have accepted me..... A very big Thank you to each and every one of you....

As a pressie I've been knitting furiously and have decided you can choose your present if you should win my little celebratory giveaway.

First we have William, ( all names chosen by Milo )

William is approx 7" tall and is sporting a rather fetching blue and green stripey jumper , which are his favourite colours.

Next is Freya

Freya is also 7" tall and loves a good curry, she is also partial to the odd licquorice allsort.

Then we have Chance - I promise that Milo has never seen an episode of Dynasty or Dallas !!

Chance is a little cutie and likes nothing better than a good cuddle.

Lastly we would have had Bertha who was originally wearing a lemon jumper, but my friend saw her and said if I gave her a pink and white stripey jumper she would buy her - I couldn't refuse.
I'm going to show you her anyway as she is slightly different from the others at approx 10" tall and made from a soft mohair.

Because we no longer have Bertha I am also going to offer a "" mystery"". So all you have to do is leave a comment and state which animal you would like , William, Freya, Chance or Mystery.
I'll pick a winner next Friday the 16th.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Nearly there !!

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone , can you believe it's 2009 already.. it doesn't seem like two minutes since we were all panicking about would we have enough time to get all the presents made in time.... I hope everyone managed. I got all mine done and it seemed as though they were all liked, I've even had an order for another cowl. I did knit one for my mam too but didnt get around to taking a photo - sorry.
So , has anyone made any resolutions - apart from the obligatory " lose weight " !! I think mine is just to ' find me ' again. Somehow I've lost myself since having the boys and I'm not sure if I like it or not . Even just a bit of me would be a start..... let's see how it goes.
Thank you for all the well wishes, we are all so much better now . We;ve been out and about again , this time to a place called High Force, this is the highest fall of unbroken water in England. It was freezing when we got there so didnt stay long but it was quite spectacular.

The Fairy Dell we passed on the way .

Nearly there,

Hub is back at work now so little outings like these will down to weekends now , at least when he's off at weekends they will be . I'm getting the hang of this driving malarky finally..

Now Dancin Puffin ( who has the cutest dog in the world ) has tagged me to show the fourth photo in the fourth picture file stored on my computer. Thing is I don't store my pics in files so I've borrowed this one from Hub

Part of the tag is to explain the photo but it;s self explanatory really. Baby G's first bathtime with a very bemused Milo . I think this is the only time he's ever cried in the bath!!

Now ..... I'm not going to do anymore posts until January 9th when I will be having a little giveaway - hopefully you will all join me then and fingers crossed I'll have everything finished in time :-)
See you then