Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tweddle Farm

Before I tell you all about our little trip across the North Sea to Amsterdam ( so many pictures to sort ) I'm going to tell you a little bit about what we did on Friday after we got back..... but then again you've probably guessed from the title..
About a twenty minute drive from our house is a farm called Tweddle Farm, now this farm isn't your ordinary farm with cows, sheep etc , although they do have cows and sheep , oh no this is more your exotic type of farm and I loved it.

There was a barn with babies in it - this little one is called Jo Jo..

The otters were so cute and squeaky.

A reptile house , this isn't my arm but I did stroke the snake .. very soft

There were quite a few monkeys including one called Josh who came to the bars when you called his name and the tiniest Tamarin's but all my photos of these are pretty rubbish.

You could buy bags of animal feed , and once the boys overcome their nerves they wanted to feed all the animals.

including this magnificent beast .

Diggers to ride on and slides to slide on.

By the end of the day we all felt a bit like this

Well I know I did anyway !! If you are ever in the area I recommend it , so many different types of birds and animals , I don't think I've showed you even half of what was there.

Oh, and if you fancy winning this awesome quilt, nip across to Kellies and enter her 100th post giveaway, but you'll have to be quick as entries close midnight ( Australian time ) September 2nd.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Lickety Split.

On Saturday we were at a bit of a loss at what to do when Hub remembered that a friend of his had been to a new ice cream parlour not far from our sea glass beach. It was done out 50's style so we decided to give it a go.

When we arrived there was a queue out of the door but it wasn't very long so we decided to wait. Just inside the door we saw these - wow .

There was music playing but it was so quiet you could hardly here it.

I don't think Milo was too impressed !! I wouldn't say no to either the fridge or the Wurlitzer.
The service was sooo slow , but given the fact that it is a new place we hung on in there.

A little bit of colouring in whilst waiting for the sundaes to arrive.

They were nice but I'm not sure they were worth £4 each ..

but Gabe did get his photo taken with the King.

The staff were all dressed up too but I didn't manage to get any pics of the twirly skirts .

Hub is off work for a week now so tomorrow we are taking a little jaunt across the water -- I'll tell you all about it in a couple of days ... see you soon .

Friday, 14 August 2009


Over the past few weeks we've had lots of different types of days including more sunny beach days

Hot - let's eat salad days .... including trying beetroot for the first time and laughing at the fact that if you eat a lot of it your wee can go pink !!

Watching our one and only sunflower growing to over 12ft days,

Getting woken up bright and early by the family of seagulls on our chimney days,

Bowling days ( another first ),

One thing we've been really lucky with is the weather and we haven't had that many rainy , have to stay at home all day kinds of days, today was one of those. So apart from rainy what kind of day was today?

A painting day,

A watching film day.... 10 points to the first person who can name the film that kept the boys quiet for over an hour..?

A cake baking with Pops when he got home from work day,

Can you guess what I had some time to do today ..... I'll give you a clue

So what kind of day was yours?

Monday, 10 August 2009

While The Sun Was Shining.

Well , here we are just starting week four of the school holidays and I have to say that we are really running out of things to do and there is still three and a half weeks left!!
Last week the weather was gorgeous , if not a bit humid so we spent a lot of time outside , letting the boys just run about and blow off steam. We spent quite a bit of time at the park.

If you look closely you might just notice Milo's summer haircut.

And a lot of time at the beach.

For some reason Gabe insists on pulling the peak of his cap right down over his face so most of the pics are like the one above.

He also adores the water, a proper water baby.

And Gabe got a mini black eye courtesy of Milo during a book throwing incident !!

And now I need to ask for your help .... since the boys birthdays we have been searching for two Ben 10 figures but we cannot find them anywhere. They are called Big Chill and Goop and are both 10cm high and have a little clear plastic figures in the packet with them, these clear figures fit on top of the Omnitrix watch. Price wise they are normally about £5, we have seen them on Ebay but they are going for ridiculous amounts . So if anyone sees either of these could you please let me know .....
This is Big Chill

and this is Goop

Hopefully someone might spot them somewhere --- thank you.