Thursday, 21 January 2010

21st January 2010

You know, when you think about it, Blogging is quite a strange thing really. You open yourself up , express your thoughts both good and bad to what could potentially be thousands of people, show pictures of yourself, maybe your children and family, places you like to go and things you like to do, you build up friendships with many people from all around the world , sometimes with people you will never ever get to meet but dream that one day you might , you can chat maybe on a daily or weekly basis , presents can get sent back and forth and then one day you just disappear..... no blog update , nothing , just gone.

A few of my " friends" have disappeared over the past few months .... popular ladies, quite a few followers just vanished. Every so often I pop by to see if they have returned but nope, nothing. How long should you wait before you remove them from your blog lists ( that sounds awful doesn't it ). Sometimes family life gets in the way , sometimes it's work , could be anything really.

Last night I sadly removed about half a dozen friends from my list , sigh. I wish these people all the luck in the world and if you should ever return I will be more than happy to see you.

In my current list there are a few I read religiously but never comment on, I don't know why I just don't ............ one of them was a blog I found when I first started my own , when things are all shiny and new and you take those first tentative steps and pluck up the courage to comment on someone elses blog, I made a few remarks on this particular ladies blog and never ever got a reply , now don't get me wrong , I know in some cases it would be impossible to respond to every comment on every post... but just the odd - thank you, wouldn't go amiss,

Anyway, last night I went on the hunt for new friends , so many blogs on all different types of subjects - it really is amazing.

So I'm going to show you a few .. new to me Blogs .. that I found on my travels .

Andamento was the first one, I think the tree header first caught my attention, but it's a lovely little blog , what I think of as a family blog, with snippets from family , homelife and crafting too, oh, and she makes the most gorgeous leaded items too

( image from Andamento )

Next up was Sixty One A, once again I think it was the header that caught me and if you like things nautical and beachy with family and just sheer gorgeousness thrown in then I strongly suggest you pop on over and check it out

( both images from Sixty One A )

Then there is Dream Country Chat - I just adore where this lady lives and her style of writing and I would gladly sit down for jam and bread here any day

(image from Dream Country Chat )

Lastly we'll go visit Hardaker and Pope, check out the fabrics

(image from Hardaker and Pope)

One thing I noticed about these four in particular is their freshness and although they have all been going for a while now aren't cluttered if that makes sense , and they all have lovely headers. Hopefully these " new to me " blogs might soon become " new to you " blogs too.


...Nina Nixon... said...

Blogging is such a strange thing isn't it???

Somedays it can leave you on such a high or make you feel like you are completely on your own - which I guess in truth your probably not, but sometimes it would be nice if people just said 'Hi'

Anyhow, thank you for all the lovely linky goodness, I'm off to have an explore.

take care

Nina xx

Poppy said...

How strange I had the same thought myself not so long ago. I know what you mean about some people not even saying hello when you have visited their blogs and left comments time after time. It doesn’t worry me now, I think it’s because I’ve been blogging a while.I think most of us like reading are comments that someone has taken the trouble to write, I know I do. Even if you can’t leave a comment every time…now and again is nice. As my Nan would say, no ones that special that can’t have manners.

Love Lou xxx

LizzieJane said...

It is sad when a blog that you enjoy going to just fizzles out. I am afraid I have been a bit guilty of that myself this year. Somedays I could talk up a storm and others I can barely think of two words to put together. Thanks for the links to those lovely new blogs. I am going to go and take a look.

Adrienne said...

It is so strange ... I think of the friends I have made and often speak of them - and then when people inquire I have to clarify they are my 'virtual' friends.

I have wondered what has happened to some bloggers - I hope they stop not because of something bad but for rearranging of priorities ...

Thanks for the new links! I can't wait to dig in.

Oh ... and by they way ... thanks for being such a great 'virtual' friend ;-)

driftwood said...

commenting is such a etiquette minefield isn't it.
I also know what you mean about blogs disappearing, it feels like someone is lost and you never quite find out why. I also know I change what I like to read sometimes, which is why I'm off to check out your recommendations. xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i do find it sad when some of my favourites seem to drift off never to return but have tried to not look for any new to me blogs as I tend to get lost in blogland for far to many hours as it is but now have to check out your recommendations - its a hard life isnt it LOL
Lesley x

Rachel said...

That's happened to me too, and I'm also guilty of not always replying to comments, although if someone comments regularly I always try to either send a reply or leave a comment on their blog. Thanks for the great links, those blogs look lovely!
Rachel x

Lyn said...

You are right, Blogworld is a funny old place. I have so many blogs I visit and try to leave comments when I can. But sometimes followers go and it is nice to go and find some new one's to follow.
try not to stress about it though,

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun post! I too, sometimes wonder what happens, when they just disappear. I think some of them got sucked into facebook, which I just don't get. And January. For me the month when I spend way too much time on the computer oggling new blogs. Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

Just make sure that you don't disappear!! I'll have to track you down!!!

amanda said...

I did a post very similar to this before Christmas and was amazed at the response. I've recently gone back to work full-time so have far less free time available than when I first started my blog, but still feel like I should try to reply to most comments. From the replies to my post the general concensus (and some where quite defensive about the subject) was that most bloggers feel they don't really need to reply to comments. I don't think I'd get much out of blogging if I never replied to anyone - I don't want to talk to myself!

Tabiboo is right - blogging is a strange thing! :)

Jo said...

Thanks for the mention and the positive words. You've given me some more reads too.

Hardaker and Pope

The domestic novice said...

What an apt post. You're so right. Blogging is a strange thing, as is comment etiquette - the latter of which I still haven't got the hang of, particularly when life gets busy. Oh and the time when, for an unknown period, I was responding to comments which had a 'no-reply' email address. *Shakes head in shame*

Thanks for the links! C x

sarah said...

thanks for the plug, i am glad you liked our blog enough to comment and feature us. its always nice to find new people - i am goinmg to have a read of yours now!, i think in 2010 i am going to try to be better at replying!!!
sarah xx

Louise said...

The way to be interesting is to be interested ... that's my motto. I invariably visit lots of blogs to comment before I even get around to writing a blog-post of my own. I keep a blog-name on my blog-roll until I am sure that person has definitely wiped out their blog, and if I don't comment regularly on a particular blog, I pop in every now and again to let that person know I haven't forgotten them. x