Sunday, 26 April 2009

milos sunday

i went to the park

i soa a swan

and fed a goos

i like feeding the ducks

i went to mackdonaldz .

i like my happy meel box

my nugets wer nice

All the typing, spelling and ideas were from Milo I only helped with the pics ( Milo took the one of the box ).

Monday, 20 April 2009

Orange And Yellow

Hi everyone, Mammy said I could show you my new friend , he is big and orange , in fact he is the biggest one I have ever seen. The lady in our " local " fruit shop told me he has came all the way from China --- that's a long way away . I have called him Carrot .............

I cried when mammy said I had to leave him downstairs when I went for a nap, I put him in the fridge so he could have a peeps too..

Oh, this big yellow thing has been out for a couple of days now, Mammy likes it very much.

Pops likes it too , yesterday he went to a cricket match with Milo and came back with a red and white stripey face... he said he had caught this thing , called the sun, it was a good job Milo had worn his cricket hat so he didn't catch it.. next time Pops will have to wear a hat too....

I'm off to play outside now - bye x

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Look closely, can you see his face ?

Monday, 13 April 2009

Predictability ?

It seems as though all I'm blogging about lately are days out and bunnies.... so really this post shouldn't be a surprise...

On Friday we spotted our first baby ducks of the year , if you click on the pic you can just make out 6 of them . They are a week earlier than last years.

Wasn't Easter Sunday just gorgeous , the weather forecasters were sooooo wrong. Instead of the cloud and rain they had predicted we got an absolutely glorious day, the sun shone brightly and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.. It's the first time this year I've had my arms out !! Once again we ventured off to somewhere new. This time we went to Chopwell Wood which is about a 45 minute drive away from where we live.

I do sometimes wonder if you get bored reading my little blog as even I think that sometimes my posts are a bit repetitive, but , this is my life , this is what me and my family do , I like my life and I love exploring new places , I love seeing the boys faces when we find little forest houses,

giant frond sculptures,

and wooden leaf seats.

I love taking the path to the right and coming across old trucks to explore

and old railway arches to climb

Taking the path to the left

and finding " Twilight " glades

where the wood anemones are in full flower and woodpeckers fly overhead.

Crossing a " Dirty Dancing " log when you are caught short -- oops

and thinking how embarrassed they will be when future partners get to see photos like this

Sometimes , being predictable isn't a bad thing - is it ?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bags, Bunnies And An Award

Dear me, I'm shattered ..... who would think that cleaning the bathroom would tire you out so much.. I don't know about you but our bathroom gets soooo dusty. It seems as though anywhere in this house that you dust just needs doing again the day after - maybe it's because it's an old house?

Anyway, it seems I've got another bits and pieces post for you again today.

A couple of weeks ago I sent Tess a couple of balls of wool as she wanted to try it out before she bought some.. this turned into a mini swap as she insisted on sending something back in return.

Loved the green colour of this paper and ribbon, so that was a good start, inside was this lovely ball of Rowan wool and a dinosaur bag which was quickly snaffled up by Milo, there was also a bag of bouncy balls but these are now scattered in every corner of the house. Thank you very much Tess.

My apologies must go to Sarah at The Blueberry Patch, she very kindly gave me this award, it's nice to think that I'm Kreativ....

Now, apparantly I have to list 7 things that I love and also pass it on to 7 other people, hmmm lets see.. in no particular order..

1) my family ( goes without saying really )
2) chocolate !!
3) at the minute couscous with feta cheese - mmmm
4) the fact that summer is on its way and seeing new life appearing every day.
5) knitting

Think I'm going to have to stop at 5 as my fuddled brain can't think of anymore... now for my 7 people..

Lizzie Jane
Rachel Rabbit
Kellie ( even though I know she'll forget to do it :-) )
Brigantia Designs

Speaking of Kim at Brigantia Designs I was lucky enough to win one of the bags from her giveaway, what makes it even more lucky is that out of all the ones she was giving away this was my favourite. Thank you very much Kim, it's going to be perfect for the summer.

I've also been busy knitting - no surprise there

Jack and his sister Emily are already on their way to Florida.

Normally I don't have any problem letting them go but Jack was a different story.. He sold really quickly and putting him in the post really tugged at my heartstrings.. He's definately my favourite so far . Jeez , look at me , must be going soft in my old age ............

Right , well thats all for now, the needles are calling.

Happy Easter everyone ............. don't eat too much chocolate

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

May The Force Be With You.

Just a quick post today with two things I just had to share with you , the first is that I no longer have a son called Milo..

I now have a son called Anakin Skywalker , or Milokin Skywalker and he is a Master Jedi..

Milo wore this mask to go to school today and when we got to the school yard we were immediately surrounded by boys from his class and older wanting to try the mask on. I have to admit it kinda freaks me out ... hub is over the moon though that Milokin now likes Star Wars / Clone Wars as he is a Star Wars fan too....

Secondly , just wanted to show you a little something I whipped up last night,

Only kidding ( although I wish I wasn't ) . These have been made by the very talented Kellie from Don't Look Now . Her work is amazing isn't it ? Now if you fancy getting your hands on some goodies then get yourself across there right now as not only is she selling the patterns for these so you can make them yourself but she is also having a GIVEAWAY.. yep you heard right a GIVEAWAY.. Go on then what are you waiting for ... GO