Monday, 4 January 2010

4th January 2010

Thank you for the get well wishes, I do feel so much better now thank you.

Milo went back to school today and this was the view across the school playing fields - isn't it pretty? At last things can get back to normal now -- normal is good don't you think?

I had a good read of the cookbook yesterday and there are some lovely recipes in it , I've also ordered another book on recommendation from Steph and thanks to Lesley and Hege watched a Rachel Allen cookery programme on TV, I didn't even realise she had a programme, ignoramus that I am!!
So in my quest to cook I decided that a cupboard clean was in order to figure out exactly what things I had and what I needed , here's the cupboard before, a bit embarrassing I might add.

and here's after

I couldn't believe there was a carrier bag full of out of date stuff, some of it from 2001 -- hangs head in shame...
I've been to the supermarket and bought a few bits and pieces and tomorrow I'm going to attempt a culinary masterpiece ha ha ..
You know , I feel a bit like the Amy Adams character in the film Julie and Julia , apart from the fact she could already cook and I can't .... wish me luck


Anonymous said...

Are you going to show us pictures of your culinary creations?! ;) Please do!! Your cupboard isn't that bad... mine is a floor to ceiling corner cupboard FULL of cooking stuff.... oh dear... it'd take me hours to go through that one!!!! Glad yours is all sorted and out of date stuff thrown out!! GOOD LUCK!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like a beautiful day in your neighborhood. Fabulous job on the cupboard clean out. If it makes you feel any better, my BIL once went to my cupboard and found that icky dried parmesan cheese (that I no longer use) that was about 13 years old -- it had even been through several moves. I'm with Farmyard Crafts -- I hope you'll show us your culinary creations!

driftwood said...

looking forward to hearing about what you make! when we moved house there was some REALLY old stuff in the cupboards......... xxx

Tabiboo said...

...good luck with the new cookbook and you are good organising your cupboards.

Have a lovely evening,

Nina xxxx

Hege said...

Beautiful picture!
My cupboard could need some cleaning too...