Friday, 29 August 2008

Bits Of This And Bits Of That

Before I show you what I have been up to I have a little story to tell.

When we were on holiday Milo found a little blue plastic monkey, you know the ones that hang on to the side of cocktail glasses by their tails, He carried it round with him and was intending on bringing it home as a friend for Socky, but Baby G had other ideas and he accidently broke Marvin Mervin Monkey - snapped the tail right off!! So to cheer Milo up I agreed to knit him a friend for Socky and said he could come to the wool shop with me to choose the wool for himself.
I searched all over for a nice monkey pattern, I was trying to find one like Mel from Leannes Blog but couldn't find one anywhere. So I settled for second best, and I have to say there is nothing about this monkey that I like.
Here he is peeping over the top of Milo's new duvet cover - which I finally finished . Now I just have to do the pillowcase.

I didn't like knitting Jack ( as he has been named) as there were too many little bits, the colours are definately not my choice and his face is well -- SCARY. When I finished him both me and hub just looked at each other and laughed - can you see why ? But he was made exactly as asked for and is loved!!

I also made my first tote which was a belated birthday present for my mam back in July. I had forgotten to take any pictures so this pic is courtesy of my dad - sorry its not very clear and the wrong way round.

I've also started knitting a new Autumn jumper for Baby G - it's a lovely olive green colour and is knitting up really quickly.

Do you want to see my bargains too? Embroidery threads for 5p each, how cheap is that. Although I have no idea what I am going to do with them yet. I just love all the colours and couldn't resist them.

and this wool was half price too. I am seriously running out of place to put stuff :-). I've got ideas for the red, something for myself - which is a first!! Don't you find that out of everything you make there is next to nothing that you do for yourself?

Last but not least I recieved another award from Carol and Louise. Thank you so much to both of you. It really does mean so much when people show they like your Blog - I've never been very good with words but this is very much appreciated.

To be honest I love so many blogs its really hard to pass on , so once again I'm just going to pass this on to everyone.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend .

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Splashing And Exploring

Continuing on from my last post , after the downpour and Baby G's nap we headed off out again. It was still warm and sunny but there were plenty of puddles to be splashed in. Some were quite deep.

Note the natty combo of shorts , t-shirt and wellingtons ( I have been advised that they have to have their full title!!)

The colours were so amazing and fresh, I wish I had the words or camera to describe them as they deserve - you can see how they are starting to change from Summer into Autumn.

We found rosehips that were so big and round they looked like they were about to burst

Plump and juicy berries

Deep in the undergrowth there were these mushrooms/toadstools. I really must get a book and learn more about fungi. There were also the smallest toadstools I have ever seen , I couldn't get a decent picture no matter how hard I tried.

Can you spot the heron, he's becoming a regular visitor

The water was too fast for Pooh sticks

The weather started to change again so we had decided to head off back home when Milo spotted this little tree growing out of the chimney pot

So, that was our afternoon. I hope you liked spending it with us, in my next post there will be some crafting pics ( yes I have been doing some) an award and a tag - phew
Have a lovely weekend x

Friday, 22 August 2008

Souter Lighthouse

Going on with my mission to visit local landmarks that I've never been to before yesterday we decided to go to Souter Lighthouse , a victorian lighthouse which was the first electrical lighthouse in the world apparantly.
Luckily for us the sun was shining, in fact the morning was glorious.

The views were amazing

There was a small allotment garden and the produce is used in the cafe, there were also a few cabbages for sale

At the bottom of these steps there are a train and a pirate ship for kiddies to play on and quite a few picnic tables

Baby G fell out of the train face first and scraped his head but he just laughed and carried on playing!

This little boat is a replica of the one that Grace Darling made her famous rescue in

There were lots of birds, swallows and house martins were swooping, skylarks were singing, starlings all lined up on a fence

and dozens of sea birds

You can actually pay a small fee and go up to the top of the lighthouse itself but it wasn't really an option for us as small children aren't allowed.

and this was just what we did in the morning!!
Tomorrow I'll post what we did in the afternoon after the downpour stopped. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Anyone For A Swap?

Hasn't it just been a horrible day weather wise ? Now I absolutley don't like and would even go as far as to say hate being stuck in the house all day so to say I've been a bit tetchy today is an understatement, plus it's Hubs last day of holidays and we,ve really enjoyed having him at home for the past few weeks so we are going to miss him big style.
Our back yard even got flooded

Baby G didn't mind the weather though

he was just looking forward to the pizza that Hub and Milo were making for the boys tea

Magazines - I love magazines and the ones I like best of all are these - can you see what they all have in common?

So when I saw that this magazine was out already and I wouldn't be able to read it I was a bit disappointed

Then I had an idea - a magazine swap . It wouldn't involve making anything, just popping to a newsagents picking up a magazine and sending it to someone in another part of the world and in return you would recieve a magazine from them. It doesn't even have to be a Christmas magazine , you could decide with your partner what type you would like and when you'd like to recieve it. Now bearing in mind I've never even taken part in a swap before never mind organised one so please let me know if anyone would be interested and I'll organise partners.

So on that note I'll leave you all to have a think and I'm going to go and try and sew this together

and also to eat Kleftiko that's been slow cooking in the oven for the past 5 hours!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jets And Jeeps

Apologies to those tuning in expecting to see photographs of the lush, green isle of Corfu. Due to technical difficulties these will now be shown at a later date ( the only one I can get my hands on is the one above! ). Instead for your perusal we have photographs of jets and jeeps taken this afternoon at the NorthEast Aircraft Museum.

Up until 1984 Sunderland had an airport which was closed to make way for the Nissan car plant. Now there is a museum just next to the car plant which is run entirely by volunteers and on donations.
Although it's only a few miles from where we live neither Hub or myself had been there before. As we got off the bus the heavens opened and we got drenched which wasn't really a good start but the sun did come out and by the time we were on our way home it was quite hot and sunny.
Milo got to go in few cockpits and although wary at first once he got in we couldn't get him out!

The Flying Flea

Remote controlled tanks - definately big boys toys

There were quite a few people dressed up in 1940's soldier outfits, which I wish I'd taken more pictures of.

I liked this one

Milo liked this one

A Vulcan

I've got a bit of a soft spot for jeeps and I think we all had a good time

I've also had an idea for a swap so tune in soon for the next instalment !!