Friday, 31 October 2008

7 Things Or Sort Of

A few weeks ago I found a cupcake pattern in a magazine so I adapted it and made this for Halloween - although I'm not fond of spiders I do think he's rather cute. The cake pattern itself wasn't that good but it sufficed.

So imagine my joy when a little while later I got an e-mail from Julie to say I'd been one of the lucky five who had won a pattern for her knitted cupcakes, now I can knit these little cakes - aren't they gorgeous?

( picture above from Little Cotton Rabbits )

I've also been tagged by the lovely Kitty for 7 things. I've thought about this tag for a few days now and still haven't managed to get 7 of everything but I'll give it a go.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die.. I got 5

1. Travel and possibly go back to Hawaii
2. See my boys grow and be happy
3. Move to a house with a garden
4. Knit some socks
5. Try to relax more and not get so uptight and stressed out about things.

7 Things I Do Now..

1. Too much bloomin washing up!!
2. Watch Spanish Football
3. Try to make things , then leave them all over the house which really annoys Hub -- oops
4. Laugh at myself ( apparantly I don't laugh very often )
5. Write lists of things to do each month, something I will do tonight as its the last day of the month
6. Spend too much time on the computer
7. Attempt to cook - I'm not a very good cook

7 Things I Can't Do..

1. Knit socks or knit in the round
2. Sew very well but I'm learning
3. Crochet - but it's definately on my list of things to learn
4. Stop myself from buying chocolate every time I go to the shops - seriously
5. Have a bath, it's showers every time for me
6. Stay up late - I have every respect for you crafters who can stay up until the early hours
7. Pick up a spider, even on paper or whatever - gives me shivers just thinking about it

7 Things That Attract Me In The Opposite Sex..

1. I prefer dark hair to blonde
2. Must have a sense of humour ( to make up for my lack of one )
3. I suppose the fact I can only think of 2 makes me not very fussy!!!

7 Things I Say Most Often..

1. Milo calm down
2. G have you had a poo?
3. Hurry up, we'll be late for school
4. Breakfast/Lunch/Tea time
5. Shhhhhhh
6. In A Minute
7. Actually
Jeez I really have excellent conversational skills don't I !!!!!!

7 Celebrities I Admire..

Now this was hard as not one really came to mind, there are a few I like so I'm gonna run with that instead
1. John Cusack hmmmmmmmm
2. Zinedine Zidane ( amazing skills and kinda cute too )
3. Jamie Oliver
4. Jay Manuel ( yes I know, you don't have to say anything )
5. Nick Drake ( good music )
6. Curious George ( yes the monkey )
I'm rubbish at this as I can only think of 6, I bet when I've clicked 'post' loads will spring to mind

7 Favourite Foods..

1. Chocolate
2. Indian Food
3. Roast Chicken Dinner with Yorkshire Puddings
4. Prawns
5. Pizza
6. Fish and Chips
7. Chocolate - oh I said that already......
Do you think I need to change my eating habits?

7 Bloggers Who Need To Do This..

1. Adrienne at Some Of A Kind
2. Rachel Rabbit
3. Kellie at Don't Look Now

4. Sarah at Anyone Can Quilt
5. Suzie at Suzie Sews
6. Jo at French Knots
7 . Tess at Driftwood

If you don't want to play don't worry but hope everyone has a lovely weekend x

I have no idea what happened to the font etc above and I can't change it -- oh dear

edit - Kitty very kindly reminded me that there is an award that goes with this Tag - thank you Kitty

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Just A Few Pics

Just thought I'd share a few pictures taken over the past few days.

I took loads of pictures so I've done another Blog especially for park pictures, I'll be adding a link shortly if anyone would like to have a look.

Baby G enjoying the fallen leaves

The sunrise on Saturday morning was just amazing

Beautiful wasn't it?

Milo is off school now until November 4th for half term and a teacher training day. Can you believe we have SNOW forecast for next week too !!!!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I Am A Hopper..

From reading lots and lots of Blogs I've noticed that most people tend to stick to one type of craft. Wether it be sewing, knitting, quilting, card making or something else they have found their niche, they are good at it and very rarely stray from their chosen path.
I don't think I've found my path yet so I admit I am a hopper - I flit from one type of craft to another never being 100% happy with any of them. Some get very close but not quite getting there yet.
My latest one makes me happy. It started with this little fella, aptly called Sunny after
Sunderland Football Club . He's in the team colours you see.

He was closely followed by this little chap, not sure exactly what he is - a cross between a cat and a squirrel maybe ? There is something not quite right about his face, but he does have a lovely bobble hat.

Then we have Zak the zebra , he's a bit of a rebel with his orange Mohawk.

If anyone would like Zak he will be going in my Etsy shop very shortly

Hub has banned me from buying anymore crafting stuff after he found 6 pairs of socks which were so obviously not for anyone in the Periwinkle household!!! I must learn to hide things better next time!!!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

12 Years Ago On The 22nd October

That's when you left us.

You were a little person with a huge personality, silver white hair that had to be done just so. Every Saturday afternoon you brought us meringues from the cake factory where you worked, they were white on one side and pink on the other. We would sit and eat them whilst you watched darts on the TV, your favourite sport.

You were always happy and apparantly I look just like you..

Miss you Nanna.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Gingi or Frankenstein !!!!!

Despite the little ones still having germs, this time of the coughing cold variety, I have actually managed to make a few Christmas presents.

This is Charlie

and this is Mo

Now when Milo saw what I was making he decided that he just had to have an elephant too, so with the fabrics he chose ...

this is either Gingi ( because of the little gingerbread men ) or Frankenstein!!!! I would love to just have a peep inside this boys brain sometime.

Aren't they sweet when they're all together?

I thought I'd have a play around with the pattern sizings and I think they turned out fine, although I don't think you could really go much smaller.

Now what do I start doing tonight hmmmm ???

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Germs Versus Bargains

Well, what a week it's been . Where do I start ?
Sunday night we tucked Milo up in his new bed ( passed down from his cousin ) which is about 3ft off the floor with new duvet and duvet cover ( quilt still not finished ). It's 1am and all hell breaks loose as I'm woken by hysterical screaming, thinking he had fallen out of bed I ran into his room , no Milo, where the hell was he? Found on the stairs vomiting everywhere, new bed , duvet cover all had been christened too!!!. This continued through the night but by 12pm the next day he was right as rain whereas I was flaked out on the sofa unable to move. I had to get Hub to come home from work as I couldn't even get the top off the milk bottle. 24 hours later I was fine too. Germs are horrible , nasty things which are not
welcome in this house. Baby G also has germs - which reminds me . I need to get more nappies !!!
I have still managed to get a few crafty things done though , a few dishcloth
es as Christmas presents.

Santa - can you make him out?

Little house in the woods

The patterns I got from here, and I've just noticed that she has posted some thanksgiving patterns too.

This little chap was sent across the world for Josh's birthday , I can post the pics now he's been recieved.

I promise you that I did follow the pattern exactly and have no idea as to why the trunk turned out absolutely huge. Don't think I dare mention what Hub said about it - but I'm sure some of you can guess...

There is a new charity shop that has recently opened near to where I live. If you had came in the other day you would have seen me on my hands and knees, bum in the air crawling about under the trouser rack into the hidden depths to find treasure. Two files full of knitted toy patterns with goodies from Jean Greenhowe and Alan Dart amongst others. Some of the patterns were so old the prices were pre decimal. I just about ran home so I could have a proper look, there were lots of ooh and aahhs I can tell you The problem is I can't decide what to knit first?

Isn't Brock just a proper old english gentleman?

There were about 20 sewing patterns for dolls clothes but I just picked a few of these. I'm thinking now I should have taken a photo of each individual pattern as you can't really see them on this one - oh well.

The one bottom left is for draught excluders which are so cute. I also got a brand new packet of dressmakers tracing paper and 3 new reading books for the boys.
All of this cost me just £4 - do you think I got a bargain.... I do .
Have a lovely weekend and I hope the germs stay away from everyone.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Audrey And Maude Save The Day Again

I have wrote this post a dozen or so times in my head but don't think I dare actually write what I was thinking so I am just going to show you instead.

An Apron for the MIL birthday tomorrow

which was really hard to take a decent photo of