Saturday, 29 March 2008

In The Last 9 Days ....

I was just looking at the pictures on my camera and realised that there are quite a few on there that I was going to Blog about but for one reason or another haven't. So I apologise for a mish mash post in advance.

I recieved my invite for Ravelry. I was quite surprised because I thought I would have to wait a very long time when in fact it was only about a week or so. Now I'm going to have to knuckle down and investigate the site further, see what goodies I can find.

Was over the moon to find this in a Charity shop . At only £1.99 it was a bargain, especially as it has the lid with it too. On the bottom it says Sweden so I'm presuming this is where it came from but I will stand corrected if anyone can tell me otherwise?

We watched Juno which I thought was just amazing, even had a little tear. But I won,t spoil it if you haven't seen it.

I recieved this and this through the post. So many people have said how good they are so I just had to have a look. The quick glimpse I have had seems everyone is right. Who was I to think that you wouldn't be..... Peanuts is just so cute.

M wanted to do some baking so we made this pie

and these mini quiche

Both went down a storm and disappeared in next to no time.

M had a tea party for his Nellies and Mr Seal and Monkey, once again dressed in his Bat suit!

I've got a few WIPs to show you too but I'm going to post them tomorrow as I'm hoping one WIP will actually get finished today--fingers crossed.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Chitty Chitty..

Bang Bang.....

We love you

There is a stage version of the show at our local theatre so the car is in the middle of our shopping centre. The pictures are not very good but the car is amazing.
Don't know what's going on with M's hat, although it was snowing outside!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tour Of My Garden

I've noticed lately that a few people have been taking us on tours of their local areas and where they live so I thought I would take you all on a tour of my garden!

And here it is.

Lovely isn't it? In the foreground on the right we have a Snapdragon with last years seed heads still on it and on the left we have a Geranium. In the pot in the very bottom left hand corner we have this

A lone red Tulip - bless it.

There are a couple of these, I think they are called Pushkinias. Quite dainty little things with blue stripes.

I've got one daffodil.... lots of leaves around but only one actually flowered,. The middle really is lovely if you can make out all the petals.

Saving the best until last a Japanese Cherry Tree, which is in a pot - last year we did actually get a tiny cherry and I mean TINY.

Close up of the flowers

At the very back of the "garden" is a Mexican Orange Blossom which has never flowered and also in pots we have four cherry trees. Hub planted some cherry pips three years ago and they are now each about six foot tall.
So that was my garden. I hope you enjoyed your tour and feel sorry for all the hard work I have to do to keep it up to this standard-- you know all the digging and weeding etc.
In the summer I do plant up more pots and put up hanging baskets, there are also plants still in hiding not yet awoken from their winter sleeps so it isn't really as barren as it looks at the minute.

To be honest one of my dreams is to have a proper garden with loads of flowers and mature trees etc so I can't help but be envious of all the lovely gardens I see that are out there. Maybe one day..................

Monday, 10 March 2008

Patchwork Dog

Last week I cut out lots of little paper squares followed by lots of little fabric squares. The paper was tacked onto the fabric and then I handstitched them all together and came up with this. A Patchwork dog-- modelled here with M who is wearing the Bat suit he got last Halloween! The dog is a little bit bigger than I imagined but I'm quite happy with him. Maybe if I do another I'll make it a bit smaller though.

Hub wanted to know why I didn't use my sewing machine but to be honest sometimes I find hand stitching quite theraputic.

I was reading Flossie Teacakes Blog and she said she had been buying fabric from Buttonberry.
I went to have a look at their website and that was it I was hooked. On Saturday this arrived through the post

Gorgeous packaging.

Handwritten note

The Anticipation

Well worth it

I do have plans for this,doing some applique but I'm going to practice on some other material first as I've never done it before. Tess has been giving me some tips and I think I'm going to be ok with it- well I hope so anyway.

I,m also wanting to knit this for Baby G

with this wool

Looks like it's going to be a busy few weeks....

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My Ideal House and Empowerment

Tonight I was trawling through Blogs , whilst M was watching his half hour telly before bed, when i found a link to this Just For Me.
I,m sorry I can't remember which Blog it came from so can't pass the credit on..I can so imagine myself living here, a little bolt hole for peace , quiet , crafting and gardening. What do you think? It's amazing isn't it?

I also came across this on the Avon empowerment bracelet
where proceeds go to the United Nations Development Fund for Women, for projects that will empower women around the world. Its available in the USA now and in the UK from May 11th. I know I'll be getting one. Come on girls , lets do a little bit to help eh?

Well that,s all for today-just another quickie. See how I'm getting carried away with links now I know how to do them, chuckle

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Finally Finished

Yeah, it's only taken me since December to finish this hat and scarf set for M. Nothing fancy just a bit of plain and purl, so I don't understand why it took me so long. Not the best pic of M I,ve ever seen-it's his "plastic smile" because he wasn't feeling very happy and didn't want his picture taken.

This is my next project which I've already started. Patchwork squares all cut and tacked just sitting there waiting to be sewn. I'm going to keep you in suspense though as to what they are meant for...

If you are wondering what has happened to all the cut out bears from one of my previous posts, well they are still there I just don't feel very "bearish" at the minute. I will get back to them eventually. There are just so many things I want to try and do it's silly. I've wrote a , to do, list for March and finishing M's scarf was one of them so I'm pleased about that.

Whilst reading other Blogs this book keeps cropping up, with glowing reviews, and although I'm more a crime/thriller kinda gal I ordered it from my local library.. I don't normally like what I refer to as -- movie covers- but seeing as how this is only a borrowed book I don't mind so much. I'll be starting it soon.

I also bought this one- couldn't resist the title

Now for something I found from Little Cotton Rabbits, a new Blogger Oliver and Olivia Go visit and see the fabulous frogs, there is also a free giveaway.
There is also Natalie to go visit too, Thank you so much Tess for the link help-- I'd have never figured it out myself.

Patchwork calling---must go........