Monday, 30 June 2008

Update 4

Well, 4 weeks gone already and it's July tomorrow, my mams birthday too. Happy Birthday mam,

July is such a busy month for birthdays!

Anyway I digress - 1lb lost this week so thats 4lb in total , on average 1lb a week. What is it they say if it comes off slow it stays off? Something like that anyhow. Two weeks left to go, lets see if I can make it to half a stone... now that would be good.

Last week I had the very good fortune to recieve more lovely goodies in the post from the lovely LizzieJane. She had a giveaway for her 75th post where a lady called Deborah won, unfortunately Deborah never came to claim her prize so it was re drawn and yours truly was the lucky winner.

The little mouse is just so cute and now takes pride of place on my bedside table , the chocolate is actually lavender chocolate and has the oddest taste but is absolutely gorgeous, as is the smell coming from the pear. You can't tell from the picture but the top of the cupcake is covered in little beads which must have taken a while to sew on, and of course fabric - need I say more. Thank you so much :-)

On Saturday it was Milo's Summer Fair at school, to be honest it wasn't the best of fairs but the one thing he did enjoy was this

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Learning To Appreciate Colour

Before I started reading Blogs I was definately a Black/Red for clothes and Cream for a house kind of girl. When we went clothes shopping for Milo and he would pick out Orange clothes I would shudder. Over the past few months after seeing so much colour out there and how people put things together that look amazing and in combinations I would never have dreamed of , the worm is turning.
When Kellie sent us/Milo a cushion in brightly coloured polka dots I found an obsession with Michael Miller fabric that I would have never ever thought was in me. Look what has happened now!

and a bit more

I just adore how all these fabrics fit so perfectly together , I know they are meant to but I just love it ,and the green , well I'm thinking about how I can smuggle that into my bedroom without Hub noticing! He nearly had heart failure the other day when we went pram shopping and I picked out this one . It's a lot brighter in reality , believe me.

Some of these are going to make Milo a quilt cover. He has been in his present bed since he was 15 months old

with this quilt

I think it's time for a new cover, he would like the polka dots with the orange fabric. So that is another thing to add to my growing list. The red and blue fabric will be saved for his big quilt when he goes into a new bed which will probably be about Christmas.
So I just wanted to say Thank You all for changing my mind about colour :-)

In case you were wondering , this is the pram we got - sorry its a bit blurred I know.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Update 3

Week 3 update already, last week I thought I had done quite well and was quite ok about stepping on the scales, but oh dear what is this I see before my eyes 1lb on. That can't be right so off the scales I stepped put another 20p in the machine and stepped back on again - still 1lb on. Note to self - will bo better next week. But as I'm writing this the postman has just arrived and in the parcel for me is some special chocolate - can I resist until my next post.. I must and you must wait too I'm afraid to see what kind of chocolate it is :-)

Now I seem to have found my crafting mojo this month as apart from the shorts which are now finished , after solving the machine problem. I have finished another bear.
Sally is a bit of a tomboy so I made her some little dungarees for when she climbs trees and the straps crossover at the back so they don't fall down and get in her way.

My first set of bunting is finished - Milo wasn't too happy here but taking pictures of bunting isn't easy. Making the bunting itself was easy though thanks to the Audrey and Maud pattern which I won.

I'm nearly finished my second lot. I've appliqued letters onto this and last night was practising using the machine to sew around the letters. I won't show you my attempts as you might do yourselves an injury laughing!! These are the colours Milo chose as this is going to hang in his room when it's finished.

Hope you are all having a lovely week and the weather isn't too bad wherever you are .

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Found it

Thanks for all your help in the t-shirt to shorts department.
I eventually found the link I was looking for on how to turn this, if you look closely on the right hand side of the shirt you can see where I have traced around a pair of shorts as a template

into these

Well, they are nearly finished as I'm having rethreading the spool problems again ! I've rethreaded 3 times making sure the thread is even and it's definately in the case anti clockwise but is still not sewing properly! I'm going to have another go tonight when I'm not so frustrated ! The t-shirt is actually orange and not a pinky colour too.

Before I go I found a new Blog yesterday Mama De Saga is on a sewing mission over the summer- I'm sure she'd appreciate you stopping by and saying hello.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Shorts From A T-Shirt

Edit - I found the link so will post where shortly - thank you

A while back I read a blog post where someone had made a pair of shorts from a T-Shirt. I've searched all over the net but can't find this information anywhere.
Can anyone help?

Can't do a post without a pic so here is a random pic of Milo, taken last year singing his little heart out

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Granda Steve

Granda Steve was my mams stepdad and the only Grandad that I ever knew

He died 11 years ago today and I still miss him

This is my dad on the left and the baby and little girl are me! I always said that if I ever had a boy he would be named after my Granda. Milo's middle name is Stephen.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Knitted Knickers!!!

Boris welcomes the temporarily named Matilda with a cuddle, she can't stay for long though as she has a long journey to make!

Do you like my dress she asks?

It can get quite warm where I'm going

And do you like these - my new knitted knickers?

Matilda is a cheeky little bear - fancy showing the world her knickers , chuckle

Bye Bye Matilda , have a safe journey x

Monday, 16 June 2008

Update 2

Well here we are at the end of week 2 already, I am quite happy to report that the Funk has now gone and last week I actually lost 1lb... it might not seem like much but it's still a step in the right direction and is better than not losing anything or even putting weight back on! Thank you for all your support so far. This week will be better.

Now for some crafting news, yesterday I took a big step and actually used my sewing machine to start sewing my bunting. It was all going swimmingly when I ran out of thread on my spool - this is a big thing when you've never rethreaded one before, I managed this okay or so I thought. When I started stitching again the top thread was alright but the bottom thread had gone all loopy. I can here all you sewers out there going ahhh and knowing what the problem was straight away. I didn't, so I trawled the internet which said 'tension' - so I fiddled with this for about an hour all to no avail. Then I had a thought of inspiration.. my saviour across the pond would know what the problem was . After a few e-mails back and forth and my rethreading with a different thread and making sure it was in anti clockwise hurrah all solved.

At this point Baby G woke from his nap so I was unable to do anymore sewing.. instead I nipped out for a seam ripper!
For the rest of the afternoon I was itching to get back to my machine . Finally it was bed time for the boys and tonight it was my turn to put them to bed. But then I had a huge dilemma, I like football and have been watching Euro 2008 but I needed to sew... how could I watch the Portugal match and do my bunting?
After reading Milo his story and tucking him in I came downstairs to this.....

Hub had moved the kitchen table into the back room for me and set up the machine so I could sew and watch telly. Isn't he just the best? I hasten to add that this is the room where the boys normally play!!
I got all the bunting triangles sewn and now tonight I will just have to put the binding on. Fingers crossed all goes well :-)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Fungi, Flowers And A Funk

This week I have been in a right funk with myself, I have no idea why ,it's not like there is actually anything wrong. I've been eating all the wrong stuff again and will be surprised if I've lost any weight this week. I must pull myself together and cheer myself up.

Milo has been learning all about mini beasts at nursery school so we took a walk to see what we could find and ended up looking for Fungi instead, I much preferred this as spiders do not go down to well in my book!!
We found these

I couldn't tell you what any of them are called :-)

Then today as I was out for a walk I spotted these, which I think are Common Spotted Orchid, nestling among the clover and Birds Foot Trefoil,

I'm not sure what type of orchid this is but it's a lovely colour

This Pyracantha bush is in my neighbours yard it's absolutely covered in flowers and the bees love it

This Snapdragon just grew wild in my yard and is nearly 39" tall , it's taller than the foxglove that you can just see peeking through - has anyone else got one like this or bigger?

Anniversary flowers from hub - gorgeous

Last but definately not least, I won a giveaway from Audrey and Maude, they have some really lovely patterns. They've came just in time for me to make my bunting and I might even attempt an apron for my mams birthday

Monday, 9 June 2008

Update 1

Last Monday I went down to my local chemist and stepped on their digital scales, gasped in horror and noted down the results.
It was an okay week, largely helped by the glorious weather which we have been having that made me want to eat greek salads, pitta breads, hummus and plenty of fresh fruit. Friday night we went out to the pictures and then for an Indian meal and seeing as how it was our first night out together since November 2006 I enjoyed myself, a nice lamb and aubergine curry , although a bit hot was lovely.

I took note of all the hints and tips which were gratefully recieved, used a smaller plate, plenty of walking as exercise and tried not to be too hard on myself.
Today I went back to those same scales and YEAH 3 lbs/ 1.36 kgs lost. This week Hub is on lates which makes it easier to do my meals as I'm only doing 1 meal instead of 2. So fingers crossed for another good week.

Random picture of Cyprus where we normally are at this time of year! I've got a bit of the Cyprus blues at the minute

Lina also tagged me for my quirks , this was quite hard
1) Since being pregnant with Milo I can't bear to have anything around my wrists so don't wear a watch or bracelets.
2) I don't drink tea or coffee , apart from not liking the taste I really can't get my head around the concept of putting boiling hot liquid in your mouth!
3) I don't particularly like milk either and only have a tiny bit on cereal
4) Given the choice of a black ink pen or blue ink I will choose blue every time
5) I would rather turn up half an hour early than be a few minutes late
That's all I can think of I'm afraid - if anyone wants to do this Tag then please feel free

Baby G hasn't had his pic posted for a while - as you can see he's growing rapidly and is already in 12 - 18 months clothes. I think he's going to be a bit of a bruiser.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

6th June 2005 LV Local Time 11am

The time and the place I said I Do, to my best friend , the father of my children and the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with.
I love you babes.

Happy Anniversary.