Friday, 30 September 2011

* 107*

 Wow, when the weather forecasters predicted an Indian Summer they weren't wrong . The last few days have been absolutely glorious , so hot in fact that I've had to get the boys school shorts back out and buy ice cream on the way home.
Yesterday I went up the allotment for a while, oops, I just realised that I never updated you on what happened with it did I ? Well the lady I share with is moving to Yorkshire so doesn't want it any longer . She  is going to keep it in her name though so that I can have it all and when my name comes to the top of the waiting list she will just transfer ownership across . Anyway, yes, I was up there yesterday for about an hour or so and even though I had taken a drink with me I was just sweating buckets and my face was just beetroot red all day . It was just sooooo hot .
We've also had several walks around the parks . When the boys are at school I've taken Kali out and then in the hour between Gabe finishing school and Milo finishing we've spent another hour there just watching the squirrels running backwards and forwards to the big Oak tree picking up the acorns and then burying them ready for the Winter. Oh I do love to watch them they really are so cute.
You really would never think that it is October 1st tomorrow would you?
 There are signs of Autumn everywhere, the leaves are turning and there are berries by the bucket load being devoured by the hungry birds.

 Thank you for all the congratulations on getting the job . It's for a company called Lush which sell the most gorgeous fresh handmade products like soaps, bath bombs, shampoos etc . I'll be starting on October 20th and finishing at Christmas so it's only for about 9 weeks but hey I'm really looking forward to it and although it's got nothing to do with the teaching assistant course I've just finished at least I'm out there and employed.

All this good weather is supposed to last for a few more days yet so here's hoping it does and hoping that everyone has a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

* 106 *

Hey, guess what?

I got the job ............ yep , I got it .
It's only up until Christmas and a few hours a week but it's better than nothing and makes me very happy . Thank you so much for all the Good Luck wishes .

Sunday, 25 September 2011

* 105 *

Last week I applied for a Christmas job in a shop in town . Yesterday they rang to say I have an interview on Tuesday.
It's been at least 13 years since I've done interviews of any kind and just thinking about it gives me butterflies . Wish me luck please .

Friday, 23 September 2011

* 104 *

Did you know that today is officially the first day of Autumn ? Weather wise it's been a gorgeous day so much better than the last few weeks in fact , I even walked around the park in a short sleeved shirt!. Maybe we are going to have an Indian Summer but then again the weathermen are forecasting snow for next month so maybe not . Anyway just though you might like to see a few photo's from today. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend .

Saturday, 17 September 2011

* 103 *

 Just a quickie to let you all know I finished this little bunny and have just about finished a mouse . I think all the to- ing and fro-ing took it's toll on my knitting last week.

Now for the results of my little giveaway .... I asked Hub to pick a number between one and twenty-four and he chose twenty-three which was Leanne , so Leanne if you would like to get in touch we'll sort something out.
Thank you to everyone who left a comment . Hope you are all having a lovely weekend .

Thursday, 15 September 2011

* 102 *

It's a bit of an odd week this one and to be honest I'm so sick of the walk to and from school but at least there is only tomorrow left.
What with Milo starting at 9am and Gabe starting at 10am, then Gabe finishes at 2pm and Milo finishes at either 3.30pm or 4.30pm depending on if he has any clubs or not .
 Backwards and forwards , backwards and forwards ...
 So this morning after dropping Milo off we took a quick walk around the park seeing as how the gale force winds have dropped now and watched this little ladybird scurrying about.
Just one more day and then relax . Next week they'll both be starting and finishing at the same time phew.

If you haven't already entered my little giveaway on post 100 then get back there and leave a comment ..

Oh and if someone could please point me back in the direction of how to make your photo's bigger I'd appreciate it .... mine seem to have shrunk!!    edit  thank you Louise x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

* 101 *

 Milo started his guitar lessons yesterday and he also came home with a letter to say that he had been placed on the schools ' Gifted and Talented Register' for his abilities in reading and math. Words fail me when I come to say just how proud we are of him.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

* 100 *

Thank you so much for all your kind words from my last post, needless to say both boys were perfectly fine and Hub did indeed call me a big softie. Milo has settled straight back in with no problems and even has some new clubs to look forward to which include learning to play the guitar , to speak French and gardening with the headmistress. He's not so sure about the last one !. Gabe enjoyed his first week and a quick word with his teacher put me at ease and fingers crossed there were no little accidents of the changing trousers variety. Next week he will be in from 10 until 2 which will help him ease into staying for school dinners then after that it will be in full time - phew.
So, school matters aside , you may or may not have been wondering as to why my last post was titled 99 and a half ? Simply because I wanted my 100th post this year to be of the nice variety and also to announce a little Giveaway as a thank you to you all .Can you see the little Wuzzies above , well if you win I will let you choose one  . It can either be a bunny or a mouse and you can also pick which colour you would like it to be made in. Plus if you commented on my last post you will also get an extra entry . I'm not going to ask for anything fancy like following me or posting on your own blog , just leave me a comment - that's all. But if you would like to follow or mention it on your blog then feel free.
I set myself a little target this month to see just how many things I can knit if I really set my mind to it and knit, knit, knit. So far I've done the two Wuzzies , the swimming Bunty above was made for a lady in Sweden and I went back to an old pattern for Ginger the bear . He really is quite cute , well I think so and I love the colour of his dungarees . I'm also nearly finished another bunny and am trying to make some Innocent Drink  hats too.
Oh I nearly forgot, I'll pick a winner for the Giveaway next Saturday so that gives you one week. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend .... take care .

Monday, 5 September 2011

* 99 and a half *

 It's 7.50pm, both boys are safely tucked up warm and cosy in their beds , Hub is at work and I'm trying to figure out if I should close the living room blinds or not .
 Our six week Summer holidays have now finished and tomorrow the boys are back to school. Their fresh new uniforms are all named and are hanging from hooks on wardrobe doors and new shoes are ready below them waiting to be worn.
P.E kits are labelled and are bundled up in new bags on the chair in the kitchen and Milo's packed lunch is chilling in the fridge.
It doesn't seem like two minutes since we were all at the ice cream parlour celebrating Milo's award and the end of term but whoosh in the blink of an eye six weeks has passed and we are ready to start again.
Did we do enough over the holidays, in fact is there a limit on what should  or shouldn't be done ? The weather wasn't at it's best and a bit more sun would have been nice but you have to make the most of what you are given don't you?
This term will be Milo's first as a junior and Gabe's first as an infant and it makes me feel quite sad thinking about it.
I don't know whether it's because Gabe is the youngest that I worry about him sometimes. I know he'll be fine with his happy go lucky ways but Milo just seemed. I don't know , just seemed so much older and wiser when he first went into the infants, whereas Gabe still seems like a baby.
 It's not even as if he is going to be going in full time straight away . The next four days will be just 9am until 11.30am and then next week it will be 10am until 2pm to get them used to staying for school dinners.
 That's another thing I worry about too, he is such a slow eater , sometimes it can take him at least an hour to eat his dinner and they only get a short amount of time to eat their packed lunches , he'll get used to it though I'm sure , I mean he's quite quick at picking things up - when he wants to that is.
He'll be fine I know he will , doesn't stop me from worrying though does it and I know I'm not the only parent going feeling this right now  , just helps to write it down.
 I also know that when Hub reads this he'll just call me a big softie.
 I suppose that one benefit I do have is that his new teacher is one that I worked with last year and the support staff are all lovely so if there were to be any concerns I know they would let me know straight away.
 Deep breaths , deep breaths , deep breaths ......
Okay , I'm fine now , honestly I am , just being silly.
Right, I'm off to pour myself a glass of wine and seeing as how it's now really dark outside I will be closing those blinds.
Dark nights are creeping in faster and faster and it's not long now until the first official day of Autumn.
Soon all these lovely flowers will be gone , scattering their seeds and preparing themselves for another show next year
Thank you for listening to me babble , it really is greatly appreciated .