Wednesday, 29 February 2012

* 17 / 2012 *

 Hey, how are you all doing? It seems like ages since I last posted once again but sometimes life is just so busy busy busy. What with boys, pups, work and oh so much knitting, Easter is a very busy time for bunnies didn't you know.

The little lady above, who I've named Etta, was a custom order which I finished just last night and tomorrow she will be on her way to New York very close to 5th Avenue no less. Lucky, lucky Etta, I'm also a bit sad to see her go as she is another of my favourites, there are only a handful of bunnies that I wish I'd kept and she is most definitely in there.

 Three little Wuzzies above are still for sale in my shop, they are so cute and wee, oh jeez I just used the word  ' wee' and that's one of my pet hate words - tiny I should have said tiny! I think they will be an ongoing thing as there are so many options of what I can do with them. I've even thought of what I can do with them for Christmas stocking fillers. There's nothing like thinking ahead is there cough cough ..

As for Princess Dina below she is also on her way to America , Sacramento if I remember rightly and she was also a custom order. Now I've got about 4 weeks to do three bunnies and a mouse but two of the bunnies are staying in Sunderland so I don't have to worry about shipping times.

 So my aim for March apart from all the knitting is to try and blog more and also catch up with all you lovely ladies and your goings on.

Hope you all had a happy Leap Day  today and I do know of one lady friend who proposed to her boyfriend and he accepted anyone else out there do any asking?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

* 16 / 2012 *

Just a quickie to let you know the winner of my little giveaway...... c'mon down Missy Anna .

Friday, 17 February 2012

* 15 / 2012 *

 Amma Ballerina Bunny and Cara bunny say come on don't be shy and enter the giveaway which ends tomorrow. There might even be a few goodies inside the little bag !! Not us though as we are already in our new homes in America and Barnsley but something else really nice.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

* 14 / 2012 *

I've been sitting here for about the past half hour just not knowing what to say ... a complete and utter blog block, it's happening more and more lately, maybe it's an age thing?

So a couple of days ago my favourite hessian shopper bag got a hole in, it's a good few years old and was a freebie from good old Nescafe coffee. You know when you used to save up the labels and then send off for goodies maybe you still can I'm not sure to be honest.
It was used a lot and I just had to find a replacement so I went on a shopper hunt and found these ' Good Bags'.

I had to bribe the boys with a biscuit to be models!!

I ordered them on Saturday and they arrived today and I'm very impressed, they seem very strong and well worth the money .

I bought myself  the knitting one, if you hadn't already guessed and what with Mothers Day not being too far away I bought the 'nana' and 'granny' as presents from the boys. You seriously should pop across and check out their site as the prices are also very very reasonable.

I also saw this little one and thought that maybe one of you guys might like it as a little pressie . It was my four years blogging anniversary back in January and lately I've been totally pants at leaving comments so it's also a sort of apology . All you have to do is leave a comment and maybe suggest some of your favourite blogs for me to read before midnight Saturday and I'll choose a winner on Sunday.

I'd also just like to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my last post they meant a lot.... thank you.

Monday, 6 February 2012

* 13 / 2012 *

 Do you ever sometimes dither about whether or not you should post about certain things and whether or not they are too personal or too upsetting? Well that's how I feel about this post. I did write about it the other day but after I clicked on the 'post' button I quickly changed my mind and went back and deleted it .
So my apologies that this is a sad post .

Back on December 27th 1999 a little girl was born, a gorgeous little girl with a mass of white blonde hair and she looked just like her mother. Unfortunately  this little girl suffered complications at birth which the hospital accepted responsibility for and this meant that she couldn't walk or talk or dance or sing or do any of those day to day things which we may take for granted.

On January 27th 2012 this little girl became ill, she was taken to her hospital and faded rapidly. Her parents made the sad decision to turn off her ventilator on Monday 30th and she died in her parents arms.

Today was her funeral but instead of it being all about her death her parents made it all about her life. She arrived in a pale pink coffin that had been decorated with stickers and drawings which her two younger sisters had done. Some of her favourite songs were played and there was talk about not only how she was loved but also how when she wanted to be she could be' a big pain in the ass'. After the service her sisters released balloons, there way of saying goodbye as they are still a bit too young to understand.

This 12  year old gorgeous blue eyed blonde girl was the eldest daughter of my best friend and I would now like to think that she is somewhere walking and talking and dancing and singing and doing all those things that she couldn't do while she was here on earth.

R.I.P Molly...............

Sunday, 5 February 2012

* 12 / 2012 *

 So yesterday morning I was all excited as the weatherman had predicted snow, lots and lots of snow. Around about dinner time the sky went dark and it started, just a few flakes but they kept coming and I kept jumping up and looking out of the window with a daft smile on my face. Yeah finally snow, but then it turned to sleet.

It sleeted for a good few hours and then the rain turned to ice , really really hard hurtful ice and it just kept coming but the weatherman still said snow. So this morning when I opened the curtains I was really hoping that there would have been snow during the night but nope, nada, zilch nothing.... it looks like the closest I'm getting to snow is going to be these beautiful snowdrops.

Oh well, it could be worse..

Friday, 3 February 2012

* 11 / 2012 *

 It seems like forever since I last did a post, I kept meaning to but time just ran away with me and the longer you leave it the harder it seems to get back into the swing of things or so it seems anyway. So I'm going to try and do a quick catch up of what's been happening over the last couple of weeks. I feel like it's been non stop work either at Lush or at home, not that I'm complaining but by the time the boys have gone to bed I'm just totally pooped out and trying to get into a decent routine is a nightmare but it will get there eventually... I hope.

I finished Ben Bunny as a custom order for a lady who still hasn't claimed him so he might be available in my Etsy shop very soon if she doesn't get her act into gear! Speaking of my Etsy shop on February 1st it was three years since I sold my first finished toy and since then I've sold a total of 86 knitted items so I've set myself a little goal of selling 40 items this year and I've already sold two so that makes just 38 to go. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen but hey I can but try.

 Gabe had an eye test at school and he got referred to the opticians... I thought that he might have to wear glasses at some point as both me and Hub wear them but was hoping it would be later rather than sooner, but then again maybe because he's got them at such a young age his eyesight will be corrected and he might not need them when he's older. He has a short sighted stigmatism in his left eye which is exactly the same as Hub and now they look totally alike too don't you think? I had Milo's tested too whilst we there but he's got 20/20 vision.

 I've also managed to squeeze in a brilliant little test knit for the lovely Sandy who designs and sells patterns under the name of Phoenix Knits. This is her Love Bunny Ball but I've also used her patterns when I made Dobbie and the Mandrake if you can remember that far back. You should go check her out.

 We've been on a few walks some under bright blue clear skies and some under rather grey and dismal skies  but all have been extremely cold. The weather forecasters have been predicting snow for the past few days but so far there have only been a few odd flakes where if you blinked you would miss them. Apparently the snow will definitely be here starting tomorrow and carrying on into next week. I do hope so.

The pooches are settling in well together having completely mental times where they go totally mad and chase each other from one end of the house to the other and back again. Can you believe Kali was one year old on January 28th, she's getting a big girl now and is always putting Freyja in her place whenever she's naughty... which is quite often I might add.