Monday, 28 February 2011

* 36 *

Well , it's that time of the month again..... February Scavenger Hunt pics.

A bridge ............ this pic was taken a little while ago but if you look closely you can actually see four bridges.

Something with stripes ...... it was a toss up between our local clubs football strip or these crocus's . The flowers were prettier.

A musical instrument ....... one of Hubs guitars.

A big lorry / truck ...... I was having a problem with this one but as luck would have it this one got stuck on our street . It was a whopper..

A round clock face ....... one of the clocks has stopped so they are both telling different times.

My shoes ......... quite a boring pic as I only ever wear Converse or muddy walking boots.

A park bench ........... with a certain little someone sulking on it .

A newspaper headline..... we don't buy newspapers so this was just one of the free papers you can get just about anywhere.

A postbox ...... spotted this on one of our walks to a place I'm going to tell you about later.

Eyes ............ following on from the sulking on the park bench !

Something heart shaped ....... well I do love a bit of crusty bread with cheese.

Something red ....... nice sweet peppers .

Sunday, 27 February 2011

* 35 *

I've got loads of photos to share with you from the past few days so I'm going to start with our trip to the park yesterday. I wish the sun had been shining so the crocus's were more open but I'm sure you get the drift and at least it wasn't raining. There was also lots of jumping!

Friday, 25 February 2011

* 34 *

I've made a start on some little Easter bunnies.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

* 33 *

Well. we're halfway through the Half Term holidays - sort of, and so far we've done next to nothing due to the weather being so cold and wet . We've had more black cloud than blue and as I write this our plans for a walk have been scuppered due to the fact that it's started raining - again.

On one of the rare blue cloud days we did manage a walk or should I say climb up a hill ,

where we admired the views,

found teeny tiny fungi

and I marvelled at how green the moss was.

I've also found my knitting mojo so have been ploughing on with some long overdue orders. Another Pip is on its way to the USA, I've got half a teacosy finished and have started a squishy puppy/bunny - haven't decided which one it will turn out to be yet and some little Easter bunnies too.

I've also managed to finish the February Bunty KAL over on Ravelry .... this month I made a Snowdrop bunny .

Oh, and Milo has lost a third tooth so his books have been ordered from Amazon . We were going to go to the bookshop for them but you save over £1 a book on Amazon so with the money he saved he got another book. I hastened to add that not all the money was from the tooth fairy but his savings and pocket money from Grandparents.

Now we're off to take Hub to work as he's on lates and then we're going to do a bit of baking courtesy of a Nigella book borrowed from the library.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

* 32 *

Going ............

Going ............

Gone .............

Two in two days = poor tooth fairy.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

* 31 *

For those of you who queried as to whether or not I went through the door on my last post the answer is yes , how could I not.

I think all these holes in the walls were for some type of oven, please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm really just guessing.

There were dozens of these tubs stacked on top of one another with all types of different plants in them.

Lots of small fruit trees and conifers.

If I remember correctly there were six different beds separated by paths with a small circle in the middle. One of the beds was full of currant bushes , I only know this as there was an old tag tied to one of them .

To be honest I kind of rushed around just in case we weren't meant to be in there but I do hope they keep this open as I really need to go back and investigate further and I would love to see what is actually in here.
Watch this space ....

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

* 30 *

We didn't get out over the weekend due to the fact that a little someone was ill, so ill in fact that we actually took him to the casualty department on Sunday morning to be told that he had tonsilitis, a viral infection and a non specific rash. Looking at these pictures you would never think it !!

Anyway, seeing as how it was a glorious Spring day and we had to pass this park on the way back from taking Hub to work ( he's on lates again this week) we decided to stop off and enjoy some fresh air.

The snowdrops are just about out, a few patches of white but lots still in bud ready to burst and say hi to the world.

Gabe was making the most of it, running around like a lunatic, jumping in and out of holes and just thoroughly enjoying himself. Who cares that all these clothes went straight into the washing machine when we got home. They're only clothes right?

I could have used this building as the abandoned one for my Scavenger hunt last month. I'd love to see what's left behind the broken glass.

When I first saw these yellow flowers I thought it was Forsythia but then realised that it wasn't . Lovely colour though.

These shoots look like daffodils and if you look closely you can see more just appearing.

Maybe Mr Treebeard will smile when his leaves start to emerge.

Can you see all the mole hills ? Do they remind you of a song ..... I am a mole and I live in a hole .
We made up our own version..... you want to know it ?

I am a mole and I live in a hole,
I am a Gabe and I live in a cave,
I am a Milo and I live in a silo,
I am a Pops and I live down the docks,
I am a mammy and I live over the hill in a camper van .

I know the last line doesn't rhyme but Gabe made it up and I like it..

Never seen this old gate before , it's normally hidden in the undergrowth.

Then back along the path towards the walled garden only this time there is something different.

In all the times I've been here and all the times we've walked past this door ..................

it's never ever been open !!!