Monday, 9 November 2009

Having A Think ...

Do you ever think about your Blog in a perspective as to how other people see it , I know I do and it's something I've been thinking of more and more lately.
When I first started blogging it was all so new and there were so many things to show all my new found friends , places we went, things we did as a family , all the crafty things -- but now I'm thinking that maybe I've showed you everything! My visitor numbers have been getting less and less over the past few months and I'm thinking that maybe it's because my blog has gotten a bit stale and a bit boring .
There are only so many times I can show you the walks we go on

and only so many knitted things

without it all becoming just a bit repetitive.
I don't know ?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Coveting ....

I came across a new Blog recently called Sally Jane Vintage and I think this girl has got a great sense of style , I just love her kookiness .... it helps to be tall , skinny and not have a rather ample bust but I can dream can't I? So what am I coveting ........

This vintage duffle coat , i just so love the toggles - I'm not fussy what colour it is either although if I were to find it in pillar box red it would make me soooo happy, and the way the weather is behaving lately I think it would be worn quite a lot . Can you believe we had hailstones this morning, what's all that about then??