Monday, 28 April 2008

Oh No...

I have had a bit of a computer nightmare. For some reason I have lost everyone I had listed in my Bookmarks . I have no idea why. It's going to take me a while to go back through my comments and re-add everyone that isn't on a link on the right. Please bear with me until I do this, or maybe you could leave a comment to help me along.
Thank you

Thursday, 24 April 2008

What Do You Think?

This is my first attempt at hand quilting, or quilting of any type for that matter. I was feeling quite happy and proud about it so I showed it to Hub who said " he wasn't keen". Now this has led to me second guessing myself... what do you think? Bear in mind that this is just a little bit of it.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Please mam ,I don't want him to have legs, arms or ears... I love him as he is!

Monday, 21 April 2008

There were 10 in the Bed...........

Blurry pics again I know but I was so excited, my first baby ducks of the year.

There are 10 - honest

Friday, 18 April 2008

Parcels In The Post

Well, on the house front we now have 3 rooms ready, 4 coats of paint on the bathroom ceiling was a nightmare and a pain on the shoulders, but it looks lovely now. Milo's and Baby G's rooms are ready too. I've also managed to do some quilting, but I'm saving that for later.

Now , thanks to my lovely Post lady , who even stopped her car to give me a parcel when she saw me walking down the street, I recieved 3 parcels this week.
The first one was this lovely card purse from Sew Christine, which I won on her giveaway. Thanks Christine.

Secondly was from Lina, can you believe I won another giveaway.. I felt so lucky when you consider I am one of those people who never win anything.
This lovely little quilt, a small bottle of Maple syrup and some Maple candy sweets shaped like Maple leaves-- very yummy. Thanks Lina.

My photographs really are rubbish.

Lastly, Hub said I could get a few bits and pieces but these will have to last me a while so from Dungarees and Daisies I bought these

and these

and these

You will notice they all kind of go together , with some other FQ's that I already had as I do have a project in mind. I'm really liking the Moda dots at the minute.

I couldn't resist this , have no idea what I'm going to do with it though

and I got this from Buttonberry

So that's my parcel loot.

Milo and I made some cakes too, unfortunately from a box mix that had been sitting in the cupboard for a while and the camera batteries went before I could take a pic of the finished

but you get the idea.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Days out and Other Things.

Firstly I just want to thank everyone for your comments on my last post. We think it is the right decision that we have made and I'm looking forward to a new chapter in our lives. I'll keep you all updated as to any progressions that we make. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to everyone but it's been a bit busy.
Well, what have I been up to since my last post apart from painting, cleaning and taking stuff to the local charity shop.

On Saturday I took Baby G back to Newcastle as I had seen an Arts and Craft fair advertised. You can read my review at Northernbelles Crafts.

On Sunday we had a family day out to York Train Museum, when you consider that this Museum is free I think it is an excellent place to go and well worth the trip. You don't really appreciate the actual size of some of the engines until you are standing next to them.

The wheels are bigger than me

This train was from China. Some of the more famous trains here are The Mallard and Stephensons Rocket. There is a "warehouse" where you can go look at a lot of stored items, everything from old station signs to chamber pots that were used on trains, this was really interesting but more so for the grown ups. Royal trains with baths , beds and comfy little duvets with labels that said they were from Russia on them! It was raining whilst we were there but there is also a small kiddie park outside with picnic tables. We took a picnic and ate it at the indoor picnic area watching episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine.

I won't bore you with lots of train pics but would definately recommend a trip there. Due to the weather and the fact that with it being Sunday a lot of shops were closed we didn't really explore York itself-- think we might save that for the Summer.

Yesterday I managed to get this done - next bit quilting ( scary as I,ve never done this before either)

This morning Milo made a train... his holiday homework was to practice cutting. I did the letters for him - I don't know why he stuck them on backwards!

And here is the pic of him hugging a tree from my Park post

Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Big Decision

Well, if you hadn't already picked up on a few clues in the last post- we have decided to move house and also I have applied to work for a sabbatical to hold my position until September 2009... yep, you read it right 2009. If they say no then I will have to leave.
It's all came about because of the MIL decision not to look after Baby G. It's a big life changing decision for us all but I am pleased that it will mean that it will be me bringing up our babies and also that we can look for a house with a lawn where they can play although it will mean down sizing quite a bit. If I could pick up this house and put it in the middle of a field then that would be perfect but I don't think that that will happen-pity.
We are looking at an area close to where Hub works as that will give us a big saving on bus and taxi fares as he will be able to walk to there and back and will also mean that he will have a little bit more time to spend with us. Also our energy bills should also drop.
So there you go...

On the WIP front not a lot has happened as I have been working on the house, getting it ready but here are a few pics
The sun and the tree have been sewn

The letters have been sewn

Dinosaur - not sewn

Also , playing with Milo

All his own work and christened Mr Happy

Now we are off to Newcastle...........

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Louise's Tag

As promised here are the answers for the tag from Louise

4 places I have been

Las Vegas

4 people I e-mail

Hub ( whilst he at work)
My friend Kirstin who lives on the other side of the UK
My sister
My brother ( who lives in Scotland)

4 things to eat

Chocolate ( my addiction)
Indian curries
Junk food ( I'm trying to be more healthy)
Prawns.. the bigger the better and Mussels

4 movies I'd watch again

The Lost Boys
Lord of The Rings ( any of them)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( johnny depp version- Milo's favourite)
Serendipity/High Fidelity ( most Jon Cusack films)
Sweet Home Alabama
I know that's 6 but I couldn't separate the last 2

4 places I've lived

In my fantasy/dream world

4 TV shows I watch

America 's Next Top Model ( am not ashamed to admit I've seen every series, and also watched the Canadian version and the British)
One Tree Hill (American teen angst - love it)
Relocation Relocation
Spanish Football ( I know it's not a show but I don't watch much else)

4 Places I'd rather be

Back in Hawaii
A house with a garden ( which might be about to come true!!)
A log cabin in a wood ( centre parcs would be fine)
Somewhere warm and sunny

4 Things To Look Forward To

My 2 boys playing football/cricket or just having fun in our back garden in the sun and their being happy
Maybe not going back to work for 3 years
The summer- fingers crossed we get one
Watching the boys grow

4 people to Tag

Think I'm just going to leave this with anyone who would like to do it

Well there you go, now don't laugh too much at some of my choices will you?

Saturday, 5 April 2008

AAArgh to AAAhhh


When I'm not having a good day I like to go to the park to clear my head..

The little white dot is a male Tufted duck and to his left a
re 2 females

Mating season is upon us and the males outnumber the femal

Bandstand--- getting calmer

Looking down on Milo's magic forest.... little smile remembering Milo hugging a tree ( I must find that picture)

The dark green tree in the middle of the picture is my favourite -- smile getting bigger

From the top you can look across past the church steeple to the sea ( dog I often see)

I walk past this window on the way home and I love it

Back home and Baby G looks at me and says Mama for the first time

tears ............

Friday, 4 April 2008

Tess's Tag

Thanks Tess, here goes.......

1)Why did you start your Blog?

Hmm, the first Blog's I found were Cherry's, Julie's and then Nonnie. At the time I'd never really heard of Blogging or what it entailed or even how big the actual Blogging world is. A bit of naivety going on there on my part I think. Anyway , I just thought I'd give it a go - I'm so pleased I did and now I'm hooked.

2)How did you come up with your Blog name?

To be perfectly honest I have no idea. I thought of Mistletoe Moon ( which I still like) but thought it was a bit too Christmassy and Willow Moon, I kind of had a Moon thing going on as you can tell but went with Periwinkle , a cute , pretty blue flower and they are quite resilient plants too. Although I am still not 100% sure of the name!

3)Do your friends and family know about your Blog and what do they think of it?

Only Hub ( who thinks I'm mad but goes along with what makes me happy - most of the time) and one friend who is totally computer illiterate and can't even
send an e-mail.

4)How do you write posts?

Most of the time I just kind of prattle on and keep changing things as I go. I get lots of ideas what to write but then forget about them. I have a Pyrex one in mind that I've been meaning to do for ages . I sometimes wish I could express things in a better way, more eloquently like Tree Fall but I suppose that's not me..

5)Have you ever had a Troll or had to delete unkind comments?

I've never had to delete a comment but I have started getting e-mails selling Viagra and asking if I would like to get more enjoyment with a Penis enlargement...... !!!!

6)Do you check your stats? Do you care how many people read your Blog- if you care how do you increase traffic?

I wouldn't even know how to check my stats. I would like to say I didn't care but deep down I suppose I do care how many people read it. I was so happy the first time I had over 10 comments-- is that a bit sad? I don't really bother about increasing traffic.

7)What kind of Blogs/ posts interest you?

Allsorts... I especially like pictures though.

8)What do you like and dislike about Blogging?

I like the fact that I've found so many like minded people and people no matter where in the world they are you can consider them as friends. People who I don't feel scared to ask for help when I need it and who I know will help me. You know who you are- Thank you.
What I dislike is that it sometimes seems to take over my life and I let it. In a morning when Baby G is napping I Blog whilst Milo plays and I know it's awful but I tend to disappear into Blog world and ignore him. I only recently realised this so I have made lists of things we can do and it is going to go into practice from this Monday when the school holidays start. I'm sorry if you think I'm being a bad mother but I am going to change this.

This is me with Milo when he was 11 mths old

Now who to tag--- Louise I'm tagging you right back. Thanks for yours and I will do it shortly and Kellie who has the cutest children and does amazing quilts.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Wip's

As promised here are my Wip's. I'm going to try and post any that I have on the first of the month and update them during the month. Well I'm going to try :-)

First one.
Milo's quilt. I've decided to call him by his name now, I don't think it will do any harm, plus his name is on here. This is only a small quilt 21" x 23" and as you can see is based on the Mr Men. It's also my first attempt at applique. There's still a long way t
o go before it's finished.

Second one
Another quilt, for a friends little girls 3rd birthday which is this Sunday. It will never be finished on time as you can see... It's the same size as Milo's . Notice the tree similarity with some fabric from Buttonberry, who by the way have just added a lovely Tote pattern onto their Blog. Go check it out.

Third one
A friend for Periwinkle. This is the body and I just love the colour.

Now this is the one that I finished. I'm pleased with how it turned out but am disappointed because it was for Baby G and it doesn't fit .I mean it's nowhere near, can't even get it over his head. I followed the pattern for 6-12 mths and even made the body and sleeves a bit longer because I know he's a bit bigger than the average 8 mth old but to no avail. Now I have to decide what to do with it?

So that's my Wip's for April.

I've also been Tagged by Tess but I'm going to save that for my next post, hope that's ok....

Hope no-one gets any nasty jokes played on them-- Happy April Fools everyone.