Saturday, 1 January 2011

* 1 *

So what were you doing at 1.11pm on 1.1.11?

We were trying to stand on 1 leg for 1 minute .

( blurry pic because I was wobbling a bit )

Next one 11.11 pm tonight and there are so many more .


Peeriemoot said...

Brilliant! I'm embarrassed to say I was still asleep.. :-)

Lyn said...

we went for a walk and it was a bit dull and grey-your idea looks much more fun!

Diane said...

We went for a city walk (but by the river). I dont like New Years Eve, but LOVE New Years Day. Hope 2011 is good to you. xxx

Simone said...

That is so funny! I think I may try that tonight!!! x

Denise said...

I never even thought of it and I might not be able to tonight either, I shall be in bed before 11pm for sure!!! Happy New Year to you :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What fun! Have a great year.

driftwood said...

happy new year xxx