Tuesday, 25 January 2011

* 25 *

Knowing that I only have 6 days left to get the rest of my photos for the Scavenger Hunt I took Gabe off to town to see what I could get.
First stop was Sunderland Minster.

I got the ' stained glass window ' and also another option for the tombstone . There was so many to choose from.

Alice is from 1820.

This one who I think is called John is from 1802

and this last one is 1716.

I didn't choose any of these.

Oh and thanks to Anna I now know there is a Flickr group too .


Simone said...

I bet Gabe wondered what you were doing!!! You got some great photos there. I am looking forward to seeing the stained glass window shot.

Adrienne said...

I totally flaked on the scavenger hunt! Ack! I wanted to do this ... looks like my days are going to be camera in hand!

Middle Cottage Diary said...

Oh i wish I had time to join in the scavenger hunt,looks like great fun. I have eventually got round to posting some pictures of the big project!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that means you chose the GOOD one -- I can't wait to see it. The rejects are pretty darn cool!