Saturday, 8 January 2011

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This morning we took our Christmas library books back , they should have been back last week but we are on " the list" where if the books are overdue they get automatically renewed so you don't end up with a fine. Quite lucky really.
Anyway, I was talking to the librarian at the checkout desk and the boys were sitting on the chairs behind me , squabbling as per usual. Next thing I know it's all gone quiet and the boys have disappeared. To say my heart was in my mouth was an understatement.

The library is only small so after a quick scan round it was obvious they weren't in there. I dashed outside thinking that maybe they were in the foyer bit at the front but no not there either. Not hiding behind the stairs , then I heard Gabe shouting of me. Then I spotted them about half way down the road right next to the pelican crossing pushing and shoving each other. I just yelled and yelled for them to get back to me .... the road is a very busy road and the crossing is on a blind corner.
When I got hold of them I was just so relieved that they were okay but also sooooo mad that they had left the building on their own. I took hold of their hands and just about marched them home , I couldn't even speak. Back in the house they both had a good talking to , explained why they didn't do things like that and then got sent to their rooms.
I can't put into words they way I felt but I'm sure you all can understand the emotions and feelings that were rushing around inside of me.

After lunch Hub needed to go into town so he took Milo with him whilst I took Gabe to our local cemetery to look for one of the items on my Scavenger Hunt list. The photographs that I'd taken in the library this morning ( another thing on the list ) were rubbish but I was quite pleased with some of the ones from the Cemetery. I haven't shown you the one I'm going to use.

We got home before Hub and as I heard them come in the front door I realised straight away that Milo was in trouble again. Hub said that he was bending down in the bus station putting some things in his bag and when he looked up Milo was gone. Once again he had taken it upon himself to go walkabout. Thankfully Hub found him just about straight away. Obviously the chat and punishment he had been given earlier had gone in one ear and out the other and to be honest we both really thought that he knew better.
So he has now received another punishment and has had another talking to . Hopefully this will be the last time he disappears as I don't think either of us could take the worry .. Kids !!!!!


Lyn said...

Looking forward to seeing your 12 scavenger hunt photos-your further than me!
I hope the boys learn their lesson!

driftwood said...

oh dear....... xxx

Curlew Country said...

Oh my word, there's nothing worse is there! My little one keeps stepping into the road at the moment. Agony!

I followed just the same routine as you, just got to keep reinforcing it haven't you.They'll grown out of it.

Hope today is incident free.
Love Stephx

Julie Rutter said...

No wonder you've been stressed and I'm so pleased they are okay. It's infuriating when things don't seem to sink oldest is particularly good (bad!) at forgetting things the moment I've finished talking to him. Just have to keep at it! Good luck. Juliex

Kitty said...

I never had this 'wandering' problem with my daughter, but my son did it, and still does sometimes, when he's excited. I hope Milo learns - hopefully a couple of scares like that will teach him! :) x

Louise said...

My goodness, I can well imagine how you both felt. You being in the library, I don't suppose there are any children's books on the subject of the dangers of wandering away from your parents? x

Amanda said...

That must be very stressful. Our daughter was never one for wandering off, I always said she was attached to us with invisible elastic. Milo seems a very independent lad, hopefully a good thing eventually!

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh! I'd have a heart attack! You poor thing. Maybe if you cry a lot and let them know how scared you are? If my boys knew that I was hurting, it seemed to get their attention.

Simone said...

How stressful for you Lisa. I wonder why Milo did this? I used to hide inside the clothes rails inside shops!!! I am looking forward to seeing the photos you produce in the scavenger hunt. x

The Wittering Knitter said...

:( I hope this is the last of little people wandering off - too scary. Here's to happier and less stressful times for the rest of 2011. x

Adrienne said...

what a scarey feeling! I'm glad all are safe and sound. Nothing like adding a few gray hairs to their mama ;-)

your pics are beautiful!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Oh, poor you with the disappearing boys - I used to hate that when my kids were little. We took the grandchildren to Legoland a couple of years ago and stayed in a hotel overnight. One of the boys wandered off and ended up 2 floors down, having wandered into a lift! Scarey!