Saturday, 22 January 2011

* 22 *

This morning Milo was invited to a friends birthday party at the local ( ish ) Funshack . So he was dropped off bright and early at 10.15am. The party was to start at 10.30am and finish at 12.30pm . It wasn't really worth driving back home again so me and Gabe decided to go for a walk along the beach which was quite close by.

The weather wasn't very nice to say the least, it was cold , grey and very very drizzly. Just thought I'd mention that these photos were taken in colour and not black and white . Can you see the white house in the distance ? Well that's where we were headed for.
On the way we stopped - several hundred times- to look for treasures.

There was lots and lots of sea glass but we only brought home home a couple of bits . I did find another treasure of sorts which I'm going to use as my Nature entry in the Scavenger hunt. Although you won't be able to see it until the end of the month and some of you might not class it as a treasure! So that's five items I've got checked off now.

The landscape looked like something from times long long ago , quite eerie with the fog rolling in.

By the time we got to the end of the beach we were rather peckish so we had no choice but to stop off for a little snack .

A rather expensive little snack I might add, but worth it for the smiles.

Then back off along the beach to the car and off to get Milo.

We did spot this broken lobster pot all tangled up with rope on the way back , it reminded me of the lovely things that Kirsty makes using beach finds . One bit of colour brightening up an otherwise grey beach.


Simone said...

It was worth all the greyness for the cake at the end! Nice that you found some beach treasures. I bet Gabe had a fun time on the beach.

Lyn said...

Oh Im struggling with the scavenger hunt! only got 3!
Love the look of those cup cakes, they were nice and bright but I bet they didn't last long!

Suzanne said...

Those cakes look amazing!!! I love Oreo cookies. Where were they?

amanda said...

The beach can be so much more interesting on a grey day don't you think. And the cupcakes are a bright touch anyway! i am envious - our nearest beach is Blackpool. Need I say more?

Diane said...

Did you bring the nets home? I would have. I love the way the sea turns mans rubbish into treasure. I have tons of it around my home and garden! xxxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Great treasure-filled walk - and yummy cakes!

Thimbleanna said...

What a perfect day -- I'm so envious! Gabe looks adorable -- I love the beach shots with his little hat!

Anonymous said...

A cupcake with Oreos?! Yum....I rather like the greyness, it looks 'bracing' which is sometimes the perfect walking weather to sweep the cobwebs away....still, a cupcake with Oreos!

(I'm a little hungry right now ;))