Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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Here are my entry's for May Scavenger Hunt .

A Butterfly.... this was my umpteenth attempt at trying to get a decent photo but luckily this one sat still long enough for me to snap it . Don't know what type it is though?

A Bicycle ... just a random bike in our park.

A Red Door .... the local library.

A Cartoon Character ... no words needed !

An Emergency Vehicle ... friendly ' Bobbies' at the park re-opening.

Think vintage ... Say cheese !!!

Something Blue .... you've seen this photo before but I liked it so used it again.

A Street Light .... looks quite ghostly don't you think ?

Texture .... grasses.

A Sign of the Zodiac .... a goat mask made at school for Capricorn.

An Interesting Local Building .... Doxford Park Hall which is supposedly haunted. I've shown you the park on the other side many times but never did get around to showing you the photo's I took of the actual hall.

A Portrait In Black and White .... cheeky face himself , Milo .

Now to find out the list for June.


Adrienne said...

Great pictures!!!! I love 'cheeky' Milo! He is such a doll. You are right ... the lamp post is a wee pit spooky - cool but spooky!

Anonymous said...

i love catching glimpses of butterflies. they're so fast it always feels like a treat! well done for photographing one! i felt like i should know what it is.. my brain wanted it to start with 'co..' and on doing a bit of research, sure enough it's a small copper! one day i'll have bird and butterfly names on the tip of my brain... one day!
thanks for the heads up on springwatch - i'd missed it so far!! doh!

Louise said...

A lovely set of photos.

I didn't manage to find a real butterfly this month!

driftwood said...

great pics! I'm late and missing a few....

Thimbleanna said...

I love this time of month -- it's so fun to see everyone's interpretation. Your pictures are so fun. And my favorite? That little b&w portrait, of course!

mangocheeks said...

Lovely photographs. I especially love the one of the butterfly.

Simone said...

The first and the last are my favourite shots. THe butterfly and cheeky Milo!

Carol said...

Love the images, my Hub was in charge of team of friendly Pc's who went around in a van just like that one!
I love cheeky boy best.

Louise said...

Need to know what that butterfly is? I haven't ever seen one in our garden. Milo is one cheeky chappy! x

PS. I couldn't find the inspiration to join in with SH this month.

belleandboo said...

your bunnies are ADORABLE X