Monday, 9 May 2011

* 62 *

Just thought you might like to see a few of the little animals I've been knitting recently .

Egbert who has a little blue bag on his back just right for a little egg.

Rubber Ducky ..... not my most favourite thing I've ever knit I have to admit.

This is Patience , so called because Lyn won her in my giveaway back in January and has been patiently waiting for her ever since.

Next we have Henry and he went all the way to Australia for a little boy with the chubbiest cheeks .

Then is May , she has gone to America to be a mascot in a bunny sanctuary,

and lastly is Matilda , she's on her way to America too . I'm a bit fond of Matilda so I'll have to give her an extra squeeze before she sets off on her long journey .

Now where are my knitting needles?


Carol said...

Oh they are all so lovely...I could give a home to all of them!You make them all so perfectly.

Denise said...

So cute, the bunnies are always my favorite ;)

Helen Philipps said...

I adore these little knitted animals, they have such sweet characters! You have made them beautifully! Hope you're having a great week.
Helen x

Leanne said...

They are all very cute.

Lyn said...

It was well worth waiting for lovely Patience, she is such a cutie. I have to agree Matilda is also very pretty, well all yur creations Are!

Simone said...

Matilda is lovely but rubber ducky is hilarious with his expression! I love him!!!

Beth said...

I agree that Matilda has a special little something, but they are all very huggable and I'm sure will be much loved. Bethx

Mo said...

Absolutely adorable and beautifully made...want one!!! Do you have a pattern or can you say where to get one? Pleeese...