Thursday, 5 May 2011

* 59 *

So here are my very late photos for the April Scavenger Hunt. My apologies for the lateness sometimes life just gets in the way I'm afraid .

April Showers.... not much showering here in April as it was mainly glorious sunshine so how about Kali Showers instead ?

Breakfast .... or the boys breakfast anyway.

Camera .... oh how I love thee my dinky little toy.

An Interesting Shop Name ... not so much the shop name of Scorpion but I just adore the huge Low Top above the shop and the High-top in the shop window.

A Cross ... or several of them beside our local cenotaph.

A Church ... this was taken in Durham but unfortunately I forgot the name of it - oops.

Eggs ... or a whopping great huge one instead of several.

Something Yellow .... the centre of a tulip.

A Sculpture .... this is one of a set of three cormorant sculptures at our local marina.

Something to do with Shakespeare ..... a pub in Durham and the actual building dates back to 1126 I think it was , 11 something anyway . Yes I know I'm rubbish!!

This last one is a bit of a cheat as it's not only a ' Set of Keys ' but also my poor attempt at ' Something To Do With St Georges Day ' , the dragon that is . I did have a photo of a flag painted onto a garage door but I can't get it to upload for some reason. Next time I pass it I will take another pic and post that.

Next month, or should I say this month I will try to be on time - fingers crossed..


Kathy said...

Hi, great photos! i love your dog in the shower!!!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Ha, ha - loving the April showers! (very compliant dog!) Lovely tulip pic too. And great shoe shop! Abby x

ellen's 52 said...

That looks like my dream shop! My niece and I were debating our favourite converse shoe colours yesterday... I'm voted red, she likes to customise!

Louise said...

At least you managed to cover all subjects! I'm impressed with your imaginative April showers. I'm tempted to have poached eggs for my breakfast tomorrow, now I've seen yours. x