Monday, 2 May 2011

* 57 *

Well that's the Easter holidays over for us , tomorrow it's back to school and back to our routine.
I wanted to do a few separate posts about what we've been up to over the past couple of weeks but to be perfectly honest by the time the boys had gone to bed I was absolutely shattered and just couldn't be bothered.

So instead I'm just going to show you Sunday and today . Hub was at work over the weekend so on Sunday we went to Doxford Park and spent about an hour just pottering around before we went to pick him up.

This cherry tree had lost a lot of it's blossom but it was gorgeous to sit under in the shade and just watch the boys running around and doing what boys do.
In my head I imagined that this was my garden with a pink carpet and I would sit here with my knitting , watching the boys play and beside me would be a table with fresh juice and snacks for when we were hungry . I'd be lost without my dreams.

Every so often there was a slight breeze and the petals blew off the tree and surrounded us like confetti. There was great fun and lots of laughter as hats were took off and used to try and catch them. Not many were caught surprisingly enough.

Oh and gorgeous pink bluebells , are they still called bluebells even though they are a different colour?

So that was Sunday and now for today which was the beach again. We have been so lucky with the weather the past few weeks , it's been absolutely glorious and I can't actually remember a day where the sun didn't shine.

The tide was right out today which meant rock pools to explore and things washed up on the shore . You don't find much normally , it's just sea glass and the odd bit of driftwood but today we had a buoy which was probably from the crabmen who set their traps just offshore and a whopping great big piece of polystyrene! Goodness knows where that came from.

The beach has changed quite a bit since we first started coming here . Where Kali is sitting there is now a ledge which is about a foot deep , that never used to be there,

and we try not to walk too close to the cliffs as there has been lots of subsidence.

About halfway down the beach Milo found a big log which he carried for the rest of our walk . He was warned that it was ' not ' coming home with us.

Now this next photo is quite scary as this was not here on our last walk here which was only a week ago.

Can you see where all the cliffs have just fallen away ? There is nothing they can do to stop this and you can see why we keep away from them , so dangerous.

We wouldn't want to stop coming here as it is a lovely beach with lots of sand to run about on and lovely scenery and things to find.

Milo's drawing courtesy of the big log whilst Kali made friends in the distance , she's a very sociable dog.

To round off the day we had our first barbecue of the year.... delicious.

I hope you all had as nice a holiday as we had and I'm going to try and do another post next week with more catch up photo's .... OH and I've just remembered the scavenger hunt pics too. See you soon.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Oh, what a lovely post! You look like you've had so much fun! Sad about 'your' beach eroding - scary. Enjoy while you can. Your boys will love remembering these days! Abby x

Beth said...

Looks like you've been having a lovely time! The big log thing made me laugh as my boys would both do exactly the same ie drag it around for ages even though they know it's not coming in the car. Boys will be boys :) Beth/The Linen Cat

Leanne said...

I do love my walks with you, our weather has been wonderful also.

kikipos said...

Oh! That`s a lovely photos!