Saturday, 21 May 2011

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PART ONE ..................

Well, today was the big park re-opening and to be honest I was quite apprehensive about the whole thing. I can remember being really quite devastated when it closed , 18 months seemed such a long time and there was all the wondering of where we could go instead. Luckily we did find lots of other places to go , maybe we wouldn't have found them if the park has stayed open so it might have been a good thing after all. That 18 months has flown by and now I'm going to attempt to show you just a few before and after photos .

So we'll start with the bottom of the duck pond . There was a path going down both the right and left hand sides of the waterfall with a small connecting bridge at the top .

This bridge to be exact.

This is the view now looking up the waterfall , as you can see the bridge has now gone as has the left hand side path and most of the shrubs and bushes which were on either side .

In the picture below can you see where this path forks into two ?

If you take the right hand path you now see this bridge structure. The path has been widened considerably to accomodate it but what you can't see is that all the rhododendrons which grew in huge bushes on either side of this bridge have all been chopped down.

The stumps are still there and a few green leaves have sprouted so fingers crossed they will come back .

Next is the old cannon, tucked away in a remote corner just rusting away all by itself.

Ta da ... major refurbishment and on a new stand too. I never checked to see if there was a new plaque with it as the old one was falling to bits . I'll have to do that tomorrow.

It also has a nice new view , instead of pointing into a load of bushes it now points to the newly refurbished bandstand ( more of that later ).

All the little brick bridges have also been replaced .

This one is to the left of the bandstand. Once again notice where all the shrubbery has been removed.

Now this next before and after is a bit of a biggie . The band stand was taken apart and completely redone. There has also been a ramp added for easy access.

I'll be having a closer look at it tomorrow as there was a brass band in today but look to the left - wow.....

The Grand Staircase made from granite which was removed from a train station in London.
Lots of trees and greenery has been removed here and it leads to a place we've never had access to before as it was the local council depot where they parked all their vans and those big grass cutters etc.
Believe it or not at this point my camera ran out of memory so no more pics , but I will be going back tomorrow so prepare yourself for part two and maybe even part 3.

What do you think so far?

Oh and if anyone can tell me how to get rid of the photo that posted twice I would be very grateful .


Leanne said...

Not sure about the strange wooden structure and hopefully the shrubs will grow back..... What do you think?

Vintage Tea Time said...

It was a shame it had to close for so long - you'd have though they could have done it in sections. I like the wooden archway. Shame they've chopped down greenery - hopefully it will re-grow or be replanted. Looks a great place though. Abby x

Louise said...

I really like how you can sit around and overlooking the grandstand. They could hold some nice events in this space. x