Sunday, 5 June 2011

* 73 *

Well , that was it , that was our half term weeks all done and dusted and tomorrow it will be back to normal.

Would you like to see what we got up to ? I'm glad you said yes as I'm going to show you anyhow chuckle. Hub was off the first four days but this just happened to coincide with a cricket match which he went to every day , although he did take Milo a couple of times.

We did actually have a couple of very hot sunny days which I'm glad we made the most of as the last two days have been really quite chilly and as I'm writing this it's raining.

We went for a walk along the river to see the poppy fields , the river was right out , the furthest I think I've ever seen it .

We did quite a bit of ' Springwatching' as we walked along spotting a pair of oystercatchers and several heron.

A bit of a disappointment at the poppy fields though ...... no poppies ! I thought maybe we were too early but there weren't hardly any buds either . The past few years the field has been full so I wonder why not this year ?

Didn't seem to bother the boys though , they were too busy doing their farmer impressions ( again ).

I don't think they found one of these on Springwatch though and I've really thought about it , honestly I have , but I have no idea , none , zilch, nada as to how this car got here. There are woods on one side and field and trees on the other - completely puzzled .

This was the closest I got to a bird shot , all the others were just little dots in a sea of brown.

We did find a couple of poppies around the other side of the field , just a couple though.

By the time we got to this hill we were all sweating but the sight of a little Yellowhammer cheered us up - well it cheered me up . By this point the boys were moaning and groaning and the bickering had started.

It soon stopped when they found the picnic that I'd sneaked into the car.

Kali enjoyed her picnic too - isn't she growing . Four months old already.

On another day we went tree climbing in the park . Even though our old park has re-opened we went to the other one. It might sound odd or even a little bit selfish but when I go for walks or just out I don't like there to be loads of people and at the minute our original park is heaving and I just need for it to calm down a bit .
Going back to the tree climbing , I'm a bad mam ...... Sitting on the grass and the boys were play fighting with sticks so I asked them to stop it . Milo , full of cheek , asked ' what they were supposed to do instead' so I said ' go climb a tree'. At this point Milo had the biggest smile and said ' can we, can we really climb a tree, I've never climbed a tree before '.
When I was younger I was always climbing trees and falling and getting scraped and I can't believe the boys haven't done it before . Is this a bad thing, it made me feel bad?

But one thing I really hope they don't do when they get older is fight alligators , tree alligators are fine but not real ones .... you hear me boys , not real ones ok.

Now this next little bit is something I am so envious of , my friends allotment or Mr Gregs Nursery as Gabe was calling it after a certain children's programme on television.

It still needs a lot of work but oh I do so wish it were mine - sigh.

And lastly a little something I found today , well maybe not so little . It's a huge fungi called a Dryads Saddle and it's a beauty.

So it's 9pm , I have wine in hand and P.S I Love You the film is just about to start so I'll bid you adieu until we meet again ....


Simone said...

A lovely post Lisa. The alligator in the tree kept the boys occupied for a while a least. I have never climbed a tree. I will have to go and find one to climb! I used to do roly poly's down the hill instead. Could the car have got swept down the river? I do like a mystery to solve! Kali is looking so huggable. Thank you for taking us along on your day Lisa. x

Louise said...

A lovely post!

What a shame about the poppies. Perhaps there is some crop rotation going on in the field?! If you want to see a field jam packed with poppies and other flowers, I posted one a few days ago!

Looks like the boys had a great time tree climbing :)

Lina said...

My 8 yo daughter is always up a tree. My son is less adventurous...

Leanne said...

I am so glad you let the boys climb trees, it is the best fun I think children these days are far to protected. I loved my walk with you as usual. I also agree I like my own space away from crowds I would stick to the old park for a while.

Pomona said...

Hope you enjoyed your film - it looks like you had a lovely day, and I think climbing trees is a good thing to do - part of growing up!

Pomona x

driftwood said...

what a great week! what did you think of the film? I liked the book and hated the way the film changed it....

Julie said...

Sounds like our kind of holiday (John would be very envious about the cricket!). Tree climbing is just the best - I spent a LOT of my childhood up trees (we lived with woods at the edge of our garden). So pleased the boys enjoyed it....makes me think mine haven't done much either, better sort that out.
Kali is getting huge and looks beautiful. Juliex

degz said...

Hey, I was only at 3 days of cricket (rain on day 2)!

Adrienne said...

WOW! Your pooch has really grown - she's so pretty.

You crack me up ... go climb a tree won't you! ;-) Good thing you didn't say 'jump in a lake' - ha ha!

Such pretty pictures. Looks like you guys have had a great break.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, it looks like you've had the most wonderful time. And Kali! She's getting so big. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the boys in the tree with her sitting right below them. It looks like she's guarding her boys. You're definitely a wonderful Mum -- letting the boys experience all the fun of childhood. And I totally understand about wanting a little quieter park -- I feel the same way!

Poppy said...

I cant believe how big Kali has got! We had no luck at the poppy field that I took lots of pictures at last year??? there were only about three poppies...

how strange about the car.....

that is one thing you are not and that is a bad Mum!!! :0)

a lovely post Lisa XxXx

Beth said...

Great to see the boys enjoying being outdoors and I'm with everyone else on the tree climbing, it was one of my favourite things as a kid especially as we were surrounded by trees on the farm. I was a bit naughty though and also used to climb on the farm building roofs. Bethx

Tabiboo said...


Great pictures and I love the farmer impressions though cricket! I wouldn't be all that impressed :)

Nina xxxx