Friday, 6 May 2011

* 60 *

Ok so hands up if you remember this post way back from 23rd October 2009?

You do !!! Wow we've been friends for a long time. Were you with me through all my moanings and groanings about how I had to find somewhere else to go and what was I supposed to do while it was closed ?

You were ? Why thank you so much it's really appreciated.

Will you want to stay with me whilst I no doubt have numerous posts about what it looks like now the big revamp has finished?

You will?? Yeah , I'm so pleased to hear that.

Two weeks tomorrow for the big unveiling , didn't the time fly by?

I'm really quite excited but a bit scared at the same time , not long now ..


driftwood said...

hurray xoxoxo

Adrienne said...

Yae!!!! I can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!

Poppy said...

About time too! :0)

have a good weekend!

Lou xxx

Helen said...

Let us all know what happens,
Love Helen x

Leanne said...

I am waiting in anticipation.

Denise said...

Wow, how exciting, can't wait to see the grand opening, and all your lovely photos :)

Louise said...

I most definitely remember, I left a comment! No worries, I'm here for the long haul! x

Simone said...

I am looking forward to the Barnes Park posts!