Sunday, 6 March 2011

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I never did get around to showing you the walk we went on last Sunday did I .... note to self , sort out pics!!

So did you get up to anything nice this weekend? We were supposed to go on a trip with my parents on Saturday but due to a batch of dodgy prawns on Friday night I didn't dare leave the house on Saturday so everything has been squashed into today.

We had a quick dodge into town to stock up on a few bits and pieces , home for a quick lunch and then straight down the park. It would have been a shame to waste the gorgeous sunshine.

Wellies on as the ground is still a bit muddy but definately warmer and signs of life all around.

The birds were singing and the wood pigeons were getting up to all kinds of shenanigans !!

Soon this avenue of trees will be bursting with buds and it will become a green canopy.

To the right of the path a tease of what is yet to come.

At the end of the path you look down the hill and just look at all the gorgeousness.... I know I showed some photos before but because the sun was shining all the flowers were open and smiling proudly.

Halfway down the hill,

and then looking back up . A sea of purple and white .

Crossing a little bridge the stream actually has some water rippling down for a change and very pretty it looks too.

We watched a squirrel run up this tree but he was too far away for us to share him with you.

A quick stop in the playpark where the usual fighting and bickering started but I won't show you those photos. I'm sure we all know what it's like when children start squabbling with each other. Something to show them when they are older though - chuckle.

Back around the other side of the park where there are yet more crocus's. I really wish I could take you on a walk with us as the pictures just don't do them justice.

The crows are busy nest building and were making such a racket but still lovely to hear.

After such a lovely walk the squabbling soon turned to laughter ,

despite the falling over and the clattering of the face on the ground. Which I hasten to add scared the living daylights out of me as I thought he'd smashed his teeth......

Hope you had a good one too.


Locket Pocket said...

Lovely photos Lisa - looks like you had a great day out - but wasn't it cold? I've been freezing all day! Lucy x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Looks a fab day - lovely photos - your little ones look so cute! lovely crocuses too :)

driftwood said...

love the sea of crocus! dodgy prawns. oh dear..... x

Simone said...

Oh that poor little nose! The photos are gorgeous Lisa. You are lucky to live near such a beautiful park - and all those flowers too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Love the sea of white and purple! So pretty! Hope you're all better now though... dodgy prawns... gross!

Diane said...

What a wonderful carpet of Crocus - they seem to have done well this year. Great photos! PS My hubby calls me Madame Cholet as I am a notoriuos wombler!xxx

moss stitch said...

Oh hi poor nose! Hope its healing nicely. Its good to see some colour finally, maybe spring is here - I do hope so.

mrsnesbitt said...

Dodgy prawns? Sounds bad! Hope you have fully recovered!

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! Poor little guy!

I really wish you could take me on a walk with you too -- it all looks so gorgeous!

Tiziana said...

Looking at all the crocuses I was gasping!What a beauty...the 4th picture with sun & shadows is my favourite!
Have a nice week with your little ones!

Tabiboo said...

As far as the eye can - so beautiful.

Darn those dodgy prawns falling ill over a weekend. Hope you're feeling better?

Nina xxx

ps. the intro is from Alys Fowlers gardening book - the picture of the book. Hope that makes sense? N xxx

elephantJuice said...

That is beautiful, where is that!? I love the carpet of crocuses.

Glad your little one is ok. Smashed teeth would have been very scary!

The Coffee Lady said...

Wow - all those flowers!