Thursday, 31 March 2011

* 48 *

I can't believe it's the end of March already can you ?

Here are this months entries for the Scavenger Hunt. I am enjoying this little monthly challenge even if I did find some of these a little hard.

A Lion.... this is Wallace a stuffed lion in our local museum . It is said that he was part of a victorian beast show called Manders Menagerie . In 1868 in Sunderland he mauled his trainer but they both survived and just in case you are interested the white car behind him was the first car to come off the line when Nissan first opened here.

A Rainbow........... no proper rainbows this month or any that I saw anyway. I thought this was going to be the first photo I missed out on but managed to see this at school this morning. I had looked for a rainbow trout too but none in my supermarket.

Something Green .... some moss growing in an outside shed.

An Empty Chair ...... this is where Hub normally sits but he was at work . Do you think his new friend is missing him?

Something Sentimental.......... now this one was really really hard . I am so sentimental about everything it borders on patheticness ( if that is even a word) . So I went with 3 things given to me by Hub. The necklace he bought me when we were on honeymoon in Hawaii . I opened the oyster shell and got a black pearl which we had put into this setting.

Peeling Paint .... I was going to use another photo but decided I liked this one better even though I have used it in a previous post.

A Collection ....... a few bits of treasure found on our beach walks . We always find lots of sea glass of all different colours - beautiful.

A Ring ... well several rings but I think it still counts.

A Fancy Gate .......

A Shadow......... these are the hagstones which I also collected from the beach and they hang just beside my back door.

Something As Old As you ......... well sort of, this is my parents wedding album that was given to my fraternal grandmother. I was born 10 months after they got married. This was the closest I could get. I do have a baby rattle but that is somewhere in my parents attic.

A Lamb ..... this one is a bit of a cheat as it was taken last year . I was going to show the lamb in my fridge but thought this photo was just a bit cuter.


Louise said...

That's a great lion and what a beautfiul necklace!

It seems we have all found this month quite a challenge! I can't wait for the new list.

driftwood said...

great hunting! I like the shadow the best xxx

Adrienne said...

I thought that lion was real as in breathing in your face real! Glad to see he is stuffed! You dog is getting so big!!!!!

I love the pearl necklace - that is awesome.

The 'rings' look familiar ... great minds think alike ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

LOL -- thanks for not showing us the lamb in your fridge! Great job on all your photos -- I LOVE the ring interpretation, you clever girl. And Kali! She's grown already. And look at those feet -- you're in troooouble LOL!

Diane said...

Some lovely photos. Lions(and bears) in museums alway look a bit mangy! xxxx

Simone said...

The black pearl is beautiful! I am glad you didn't show us the lamb in your fridge!!!

Poppy said...

'm loving them all, but the shadow one is fab!

Lou xxx