Monday, 28 February 2011

* 36 *

Well , it's that time of the month again..... February Scavenger Hunt pics.

A bridge ............ this pic was taken a little while ago but if you look closely you can actually see four bridges.

Something with stripes ...... it was a toss up between our local clubs football strip or these crocus's . The flowers were prettier.

A musical instrument ....... one of Hubs guitars.

A big lorry / truck ...... I was having a problem with this one but as luck would have it this one got stuck on our street . It was a whopper..

A round clock face ....... one of the clocks has stopped so they are both telling different times.

My shoes ......... quite a boring pic as I only ever wear Converse or muddy walking boots.

A park bench ........... with a certain little someone sulking on it .

A newspaper headline..... we don't buy newspapers so this was just one of the free papers you can get just about anywhere.

A postbox ...... spotted this on one of our walks to a place I'm going to tell you about later.

Eyes ............ following on from the sulking on the park bench !

Something heart shaped ....... well I do love a bit of crusty bread with cheese.

Something red ....... nice sweet peppers .


Vintage Tea Time said...

Great pics - aww re the tears, though! Hope he got a cuddle :)

Kathy said...

Those eyes would melt your heart!
Recognise the bridges ... my daughter works in Newcastle so I've been across them a few times myself!
Thanks for joining in!

Thimbleanna said...

Wonderful pics this month Lisa! Of course my favorite is those sweet little teary eyes. And your clock shot is like mine -- only one of the clocks in my picture didn't even have any hands. New List Tomorrow!

driftwood said...

great photos Lisa, love your post box

Kitty said...

I love seeing all these scavenger hunt shots - you did really well. :) x

Poppy said...

Some lovely pictures again Lisa

Lou xxx

Simone said...

Oh poor little teary eyes! The heart shaped bread is a good one!

Adrienne said...

These are great pics - poor kiddo ... were those crocodile tears ;-)

Country Girl said...

Lovely - I like your crocuses and the sulker on the bench!

bad penny said...

Brilliant - I love how park bench led to eyes ! I'm loving everyones' post boxes too - the red against the stone is stunning.

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful group of pic's Lisa.

Lisa said...

Hope the tears didn't last long. Your crusty bread and cheese has made me feel very hungry!
Lisa x

Ally Johnston said...

Shame about the tears though. What was he sulking about nothing too serious I hope. Great pictures, love the crocuses.

Louise said...

I am well impressed with the heart-shape crusty bread, now that was clever Lisa. I guess Gabe was having a little paddy, but hope those tears dried up pretty quick. I only really wear walking boots in the winter too, and have one pair of shoes for work. I would really love to see those four bridges for real. We may make it up North East one day? x