Monday, 21 March 2011

* 43 *

It was a glorious spring day on Saturday so we just had to go out, it would have been a shame not to.

We did start off together but I think the boys got a bit bored of hanging around waiting for me taking photos !!

Can you see them in the distance?

I stopped to take photo's of some paper cranes dangling on a random tree.

Fungi .... my soft spot

and lots of pussy willow. I like it at this stage with all the yellow bits.

Oh and my little surprise is going to be a day sooner that I thought .... the boys ( all of them , big one included ) are just a tad excited .!!


Farmyard Crafts said...

I still can't work it out! Dare I start guessing?? ;)

Simone said...

The pussy willow photos are especially stunning. Surprise? What is all this about a surprise? I look forward to finding out!

Julie said...

Yay! Juliex

Tabiboo said...

Ahhhhhh - and so it is Spring.

Love your pictures - my family are just the same. They've kind of got use to me snappy 'everything' while we walk and they play.

Nina xxx

LizzieJane said...

Back just in time to hear about your surprise. Wonder what it could be? Lovely photos. I am so happy it's Spring!