Tuesday, 8 March 2011

* 38 *




Oh the fun you can have with a cardboard box.

As for what was in the box originally, you'll have to wait 15 more days before I let you in on the secret !!


Farmyard Crafts said...

Hahaha.... what an awesome use for a box. I do think you are totally mean for not telling us what was in it though. MEANIE! ;)

elephantJuice said...

Ooh, big box! They're always infinitely entertaining.

Can't wait for the big reveal :)

Thimbleanna said...

What a little cutie! Hmmmm, could that box have anything to do with a new arrival LOL???

LizzieJane said...

It's always great fun playing with a cardboard box! I love secrets. I just don't like waiting for them!

Julie Rutter said...

Brilliant, the best fun. I think I might be able to guess and shall look forward to finding out! Juliex

Tiziana said...

Ah ah ahhahahah....!!!super funny box! I'd like to hide in!!!

Diane said...

Love it! I dont do suspense - tell me NOW!!!!

Poppy said...

I remember those days well with my boys!

I don’t do secrets... ;0)

Lou xxx