Tuesday, 15 March 2011

* 41 *

Sometimes I wonder how 2 days can be soooo different. Yesterday was just gorgeous, lovely blue skies , fluffy white clouds and warmth today yuk yuk yuk , grey wet , grey wet and very very foggy - need I say more.

So back to yesterday and all it's gorgeousness. Dropped Hub off at work and then me and Gabe went to the park with the secret garden. It's great to see that they are actually keeping it open and have even renamed the park the Secret Garden.

In my last post about this park I showed photos of a wall with lots of holes in and asked if anyone knew why they were there. Someone suggested that they were to warm up a greenhouse and they were so right . I even found a photograph to show this. It's not the best picture as it was behind glass so I hope you can make it out .

Check out the gardeners and their clothes - awesome.

In the garden we spotted a butterfly basking in the sun , it's the first one we've seen this year so this set us off on a nature hunt.

Gabe was using his toilet roll binoculars and found a daisy and a ladybird .

There are about a dozen of these trees all coming into bloom and fingers crossed this will mean buckets of damsons in the summer yummy.

At the end of this path the crocuses are giving way to carpets of blue.

Beautiful don't you think?

I do hope you enjoy our little walks and don't get bored of seeing the same things over and over . I know I've said this before but I really wouldn't like to think that I was boring you?


Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely photos - not bored in the slightest! Love the binocs!

Simone said...

I love going on the walks with you Lisa and seeing what you find. I think Gabes binoculars are great! I like the picture of the gardeners too. Didn't they look smart?

andamento said...

Love the carpet of blue. You seem to be quite a bit ahead of us, we're still waiting here for anything other than snowdrops & crocuses to make an appearance.
No, not bored at all!

driftwood said...

lovely, I had a poorly child at home on Monday, and didnt get out at all to enjoy the sun. today the fog is as thick as custard.

Julie Rutter said...

Not bored, I enjoy seeing what you get up to. Like Anne, we seem to be further behind with the season here - it's good to see what is, hopefully, on the way soon! Juliex

Diane said...

Beautiful blue flowers - I love blue flowers. xxx

Leanne said...

I never get bored walking with you. Ai am sure Gabe can see far and wide with those binoculars LOL.