Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Presents From Oz.

Back in February I was reading Lulullollylegs Blog when I saw a link she'd added for someone called Kellie , so I thought I'd pop across to say Hello.
Since I started my Blog I have met some lovely people and Kellie is one of them. Whenever I have been stuck with something or needed help or advice she has helped me or pointed me in the right direction. A few weeks ago as a thank you for all her help I sent her a small present.
Then yesterday we very fortunate to recieve an unexpected gift that she sent us all the way from Australia. When she had said she was sending a parcel I was expecting stamps for Milo!
When we opened the box I was lost for words as we unwrapped gift after gift, can you see all this?

There were cushions for Baby G and Milo

This is the back of the monster cushion

There was a bag for Milo - he loves things with his name on and the cars are like his favourite VW Beetles.

Inside the bag were 2 books with gorgeous pictures and information on Australia,

There was fabric and a tissue holder for me ( excuse the trying to be arty picture which failed miserably!). All the fabrics she used are just gorgeous.

That little blue fella is trying to sneak in again!

There were sweets, postcards from Megan, Benjamin and Jessica, a tin of ' Milo ' and some ' Milo ' energy bars ( he doesn't normally get chocolate early in a morning)

I hope I didn't forget anything, it was like Christmas came early!

Thank you so much Kellie, you have thoroughly spoilt us.


dontlooknow said...

It was my absolute pleasure! After I made the monster pillow I was a bit worried that Milo might not have liked it ... Jessie was terrified of it and said that there was 'no way' that she would put that 'thing' in her room :).

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a gorgeous and generous gift Lisa! Kellie does such beautiful work - those cushions look great and perfect for boys rooms. Lucky Milo to have a chocolate bar with his name on ...if only they would make a Lisa bar we would both be set!

Alison Boon said...

What great gifts. They look wonderful and how lovely to get a surprise.

Farmyard Crafts said...

what beautiful presents!! Those MILO bars are the best!! Milo has and always will be something that we always have in the house! (That's what you get when you grow up drinking milo!) What a beautiful package to receive unexpectedly!

Simone said...

What a lovely generous surprise! I bet you couldn't wait to open the package!

upstateLisa said...

I love those pillows! kellie does such beautiful work!!!

driftwood said...

what really gorgeous gifts!

Vanessa said...

Hi Lisa,

Just to let you know I have tagged you. I hope it's not too much hassle and I hope you have not had to do if before.

The rules are on my blog!

Sorry I have not sent Milo is card yet I am waiting for some nice stamps to come into my Post Office.


Vanessa x

Rachael Rabbit said...

Wow - totally spoilt but super lucky - what a fantastic and very exciting package!

Lina said...

Wow! Fantastatic pressies!

Adrienne said...

So sweet! What great goodies fromt he land of Oz :)


Milo is definitely putting his stamp of approval on those Milo bars! You must have been over the moon to receive this most generous parcel and all the way from Australia too. Kellie's work is beautifully made and she uses lovely fabrics too. x

frazzy dazzles said...

WOW! You are one very lucky family to have received that much wonderful-ness in one package! There certainly is a lot of kindness in the world of bloggers - Jen

Leanne said...

Great blogging goodness. My kids are 22 & 19 and they still eat milo out the tin just like I use to.