Saturday, 24 May 2008

Anyone For Cricket Or A Sponsored Walk?

To say that Hub is a bit sports mad is an understatement,not playing though just watching anything from pool, football to cricket and he has even been known to take a day off work after watching the NFL. Now you may or may not know that cricket season is upon us , so every day when he gets in from work the telly goes on so he can find out cricket scores. He is teaching Milo about cricket and has even taught Baby G how to give the umpires hand signals for a ' 6 ' ! So yesterday morning he took Milo into town to get him some cricket gear. It;s a good job that Milo does like cricket.

He got a new fielders hat too - if you hadn't already guessed he has a bit of a penchant for hats.

On an afternoon Milo goes to nursery school, each class in the school sponsors a child from Africa.. today was the big Sponsored Walk day where all the classes walked around the park to raise money to support their child. It was also a non uniform day so guess what he wore?

The starting post.

Half way round.

Stopped at the bandstand for an impromptu concert.. Twinkle Twinkle and Incey Wincey Spider were the songs of the day.

Can you spot Milo?

As for the new hat, it has barely left his head since it left the shop. That was 99p well spent!


Simone said...

Milo looks so cute in his cricket gear. Love the hat too. What a bargain!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Milo looks very sporty in his cricket gear - looks like he is going to take after his Dad! At least if they are all busy watching the cricket, you can always sneak away to do some sewing.

Leanne said...

My hubby is a cricket nut as well so we get to watch lots of cricket...unfortunately.

Miss sew n sew said...

Milo lokks great in his cricket gear! Hope you don't mind I've just tagged you. You need to go to my blog to read the rules hope it's not too much hassle! Hope you have a great half term next week!

Miss sew n sew said...

That should be looks DUH oh dear I'm losing it!

Farmyard Crafts said...

As soon as you said.. guess what he wore.. I was looking for the cricket gear! How great that his class sponsors a child! We've now sponsored two - I've just been writing them both letters this morning already. Cricket's all over for us here... hubby is a fan too!! There are worse things to watch!!

Adrienne said...

How adorable! We have one sports crazed dad ... and two in training!