Sunday, 31 July 2011

* 91 *

Would you believe it, I came to do my post for this months Scavenger hunt and I've lost some of the photo's I intended to use so please excuse a few of them as I've ran around the house looking for bits and also searched my files so some are a bit old.

Red, White and Blue .... a RAF Falcon parachutist from the airshow this afternoon.

Flip Flops .... these were worn once at my wedding and have never been worn again.

Ice Cream .... Turkish Delight flavour which was mine mmmmmmmmm

Strawberries .... knitted strawberry bookmarks and a Yankee candle as part of the teachers thank you present. It said " thank you BERRY much".

A Flag .... on the ferry on the way back from Amsterdam about 6am . Did I tell you we are going again in a few weeks?

Fields .... not a lot to say about this one really.

A Celebration .... quite a few to choose from this month , three birthdays, a wedding, finishing school, Milo's award . I decided to go with the cheeky chappie though.

Shells .... it's lucky we live beside the beach .

Stars .... this is kind of pushing it as it's one of the ones I lost . The guy wearing the 54 shirt is Chris from a band called Bowling For Soup and this was taken before children when we actually used to go to gigs - a lot. It's me on the right if you hadn't guessed , Hub to the left of Chris and the other guy is a friend of ours. So Chris is a star - yes !!
Oh, and I've just thought I could have taken a picture of the stars on my Converse - all of them , oh well.

Stripes .... also taken this afternoon at the airshow as it's another I lost.

Kite .... and another , this is a letter chart on our back room wall .

Something that makes you happy ( not a person or an animal ) .... Technically yes this is an animal but it's a knitted animal and knitting makes me happy , not only that though because this little pig is called Pabla and she is one of Julie's little animals and the fact that I've finally managed to get one after three years of trying makes me very very happy indeed.

Two pictures of me in this post taken approx eight years apart so don't look too closely ..


Softie said...

You look marvelous in both photos. I love your flip flops. Is your friend from Chicago? I recognize the jersey. Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam. I sure would love to be going there!

Softie said...

Oooops. I just re-read the post. Strike the question about is your friend from Chicago. I just realized that I got the order of the people wrong and now realize he was the band member!!

andamento said...

So nice to see you, I think it's the first picture of you I've seen!
I enjoyed your scavenger hunt collection.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Good on you for putting TWO up of yourself!! Love Pabla! Can I come to Amsterdam? PLEASE?! ;)

driftwood said...

great hunting! we didnt make it to the airshow this year, hope you had fun!

Thimbleanna said...

How fun to see you! Great line-up of pictures -- you are indeed lucky to live near the coast (how the heck am I going to find a shell???) And WooHoo!!! You have a Little Cotton Rabbit -- er, Pig!!! She's adorable!!!


Nice photos with a lovely summery feel :o)


Simone said...

Lovely to see you Lisa and I love that little piggy!

Anonymous said...

wow! you must be SO pleased on getting one of the little cotton rabbits family! well done :D
i'm still keeping my fingers crossed that one ends up here one day!

Louise said...

I'm so glad you made it to the airshow. I can't wait for Shoreham, and really hoping to see the Vulcan. I was following it's trail up to Sunderland on Twitter! Miserably, I don't think the Typhoon is coming down here this year, which is such a shame. Did you see it? I've given up on the SH for the time being at least, as I just know I cannot give the commitment it needs. You've done well with your pics Lisa, and I can honestly say that only this morning was I looking at those lovely egg-cup bunnies you made for me, and smiling which is a form of happy isn't it! x

Louise said...

Somehow I missed this post at the tim but I'm glad I came back looking to see if you had been scavenging! I love the flag photo with the sunrise over the sea :)

Leanne said...

great snaps once again. I think Milo looks like you. When i finish my course I am going to join in.

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

So fun to see photos of you in a post! And I'm quite envious that you've won one of Julie's knit animals. I've been trying for years, too!
x Katherine