Wednesday, 6 July 2011

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One think I'd really like to do is take decent black and white photos of everyday people.Nearly every day I see interesting people and would love to take their photo's but getting up the nerve to ask them if I can take a snap is another matter.

I think black and whites gives more character in lots of cases , not all but most.

The pictures I'm showing you here have mostly been taken on the sly , putting one of the boys there and pretending to shoot them when really you're taking the person at the side or behind.

I'm not sure what or if there are any laws in taking them sneakily and I do think how I would feel if it was me on the other side of the camera .

I do like this one of the man with the wheelie bin and I don't think I would be doing anything wrong by showing the mans back .

The other thing about sneaky photo taking is you sometimes get shots like the one below.!!

Maybe I'll pluck up the courage and actually ask someone if I could take their photo ... hmmmm.

I have to say that one person who's style I really admire is the Sartorialist .... amazing blog with amazing photo's.


Adrienne said...

very cool shots - I wouldn't have the nerve - I'd sneak around too

Adrienne said...

very cool shots - I wouldn't have the nerve - I'd sneak around too

Thimbleanna said...

Ok. Now I need a little boy for diversionary tactics. I see people I'd love to take shots of all the time, but, like you, I'm too chicken to ask. And with no little boys around, I just have to go without. ;-(

Poppy said...

It's not easy, I try and hide behind the OH! I would love to do more street photography, but I'm not very brave. Fab pictures!

Lou xxx

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Wonderful images!....My daughter has a book by artist and photographer Harold Riley of his many photographs taken over the years of everyday people and they are the black and white too....
Susan x

Louise said...

I bet the boys have a great time playing this game as well! x

Louise said...
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