Saturday, 23 July 2011

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Last week we got a letter through the post inviting us to an awards ceremony at the boys school. We were told that Milo had won an award but not what it was for and we were also told it was a secret and we were not to say anything about it to him.
Do you know just how hard it is to keep something like this quiet when you are just bursting with happiness?
There were only five awards for his year, one for attendance, one for handwriting, one for maths, one for science and one for reading , so we assumed that his was going to be for reading as his teacher is always commenting about how good his reading is for his age. We sat there amongst the other proud parents and when they called out his name for science .... science ... well, the tears flowed I can tell you and not just from me I might add Hub wiped a few away too. His teacher gave a little speech beforehand saying how the winner of the award was very curious, always asking questions , some questions that she didn't know the answers to and had to research things before replying .
Words cannot describe just how proud we are of him .

We had already decided that as a celebration for winning this and the fact that he has now finished infant school and Gabe has finished nursery we would take them to the new ice-cream parlour in town as a surprise.

It went down well I think .

Milo has also decided that he is going to write a summer blog , a little diary of sorts of things that he is going to get up to over the next six weeks. I'll help with photos but that is all , everything else will be his own so please pop across and visit him at Milo's Summertime .


two bones and a bagle said...

Wha a clever boy and how proud does he look. Will have a look at his blog over the summer. Well done!!!

jane P. said...

Well done Milo!
A budding scientist eh?
I will defiantly be visiting your blog!

LissyLou said...

well done little man!!

Rachel said...

Congratulations Milo!! It's always wonderful when our kids achieve something, but must be even more so when it is unexpected like this!

Simone said...

Well done to your budding little scientist! x

Twiggy said...

Well done Milo, Twiglet and I will be reading your new blog !!
twiggy x

driftwood said...

well done Milo, and oooh ice cream, yum!

Julie said...

Fantastic - he's done so well and definitely deserved that icecream! Your sister's wedding looks like fun too. Juliex