Monday, 4 July 2011

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You know, one thing that I'm guilty of and I hold my hands up to it is when I purchase something from Etsy or from a fellow Blogger I always forget to post about it . I always have good intentions but then my time goes by and my sieve memory forgets.
So my apologies to anyone out there who falls into this category.

Now one person who I've bought some things from , not just as a treat for myself but also as presents for other people is Beth from The Linen Cat.
The first thing I bought was the big red bird above , that was last Christmas and it still smells of lavender . When it arrived I went straight back to her shop and bought some gold ones for my mam and the MIL as part of their Christmas present.

Everything always comes beautifully wrapped in the most glorious green colour with perfect little beaded tags . An idea which I might just have to copy sometime, the tags that is.

So when I got stuck for an idea for teachers thank you presents I went straight back to Beth for more birds . She doesn't have any of the red or grey ones left but there are some gorgeous blue and pink ones which are definately worth a look.

This talented lady doesn't just make birds though, oh no .... she also makes linen cats ( hence the name) bunnies, tweed bunny purses ( which might be my treat to myself next Christmas) felt flower brooches, cashmere bears and something which I've bought for Milo's birthday -- a monster purse . Now how cute is this please with its zip mouth and little clasp just perfect for hooking onto belt loops?
Go on , pop across and say Hi . You won't be disappointed.

I'd also like to say quick thank you to Kirsty from Sixty One A . Milo had some homework to do writing all about the seaside and we used her jellyfish design as part of that . He did nearly all this by himself and got 5/5 for content and effort .


Tabiboo said...

What a fabulous idea - little miss F has a seaside theme going on at the moment and he did a wonderful job. It looks brilliant.

Nina x

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- what wonderful shop finds. Those little birds are adorable -- and the monster purse -- too, too cute!!!

Beth said...

Oh thank you for such a lovely, lovely mention :) made my day. I'm guilty of not keeping up with my blog reading (as you can see - tut, tut) today I have over 300 unread posts in my google reader list, I just hate to read and not comment so I find myself stroring posts until I have some quiet time.

I love Kirsty's work, her blog was one of the first I read and she makes such beautiful things.