Thursday, 16 December 2010

16th December 2010

Just thought I'd share a few pics from our week. We put the tree up and this year it was Gabes turn to put the star on .... just look at the concentration on that face.

Try as I might I couldn't get a decent photo of the tree but I kind of liked these.

I've been furiously knitting these hand warmers as gifts for the teachers/assistants at school , that's 10 pairs just to start with. It's a good job that they only take a couple of hours to do . The pattern is really easy and is available from here.

Gabe was the innkeeper in the nursery nativity - bless.

With my Christmas money from my parents I treat myself to a couple of little things .

Little mushrooms from here and a little Maileg pixie from here .

You will have to excuse my lack of words as Gabe has kindly given me the lurgy and my head is banging so much I can hardly think.


Tabiboo said...

I think your swirly pictures look lovely and retro and what a big smile your little man has in his nativity.

Have a lovely evening - any snow with you ???

Nina xxx

Adrienne said...

Oh I hope your head feels better - headaches are the worst.

Love the festive pics ~ so sweet!

Diane said...

My tree won't photograph either! hope you better for the main event. xxxxx

driftwood said...

oh feel better soon. your knitting is gorgeous xxxx

Denise said...

Awww, what a cute inn keeper :) Those gloves look lovely, I just checked out her etsy shop, love that shrug, I might have to treat myself to the pattern. Did you get more snow today? Mam said it was forecast.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon. Gabe looks so cute -- both in his concentration for the star and as the innkeeper. Love those hand warmers -- that's a wonderful gift!

Simone said...

I am sorry you have the lurgy Lisa!!! Lovely Christmas tree photos and handwarmers. I could do with a pair of those on right now! Gabe looks like a very happy inn keeper! x

Lina said...

Hope you're feeling better - what lucky techers to get such a special hand knit treat!

Helena, The Swenglish Home said...

Dear 'Periwinkle',

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, and for "stepping out from the lurking closet" ;-).

My zinc houses come from the Danish company Walter & Co, and I have bought some of mine here in the UK, at, a shop in Lacock which I believe has a webshop too, and some in in Bath, but it doesn't look like they sell them any more, at least not on their website.

I hope you find some you like.

Warm regards,

Kitty said...

Hope you feel better soon, Lisa. We are lurgified here too :( Just wanted to pop in to say I hope you and yours have a very Happy Christmas, and a wonderful New Year. x

Farmyard Crafts said...

Sweet gifts! did you know your Christmas tree is on FIRE?! ;) Swirly lights..! Enjoy your colder than cold Christmas time!