Tuesday, 7 December 2010

7th December 2010

Last night I made a start on putting the Christmas decorations up , just a few things as hub is on late shifts this week and I didn't fancy putting the tree up by myself. I was intending to wrap some green foliage like ivy or holly around the light also but it's all hidden again under the snow that fell last night.

There are still quite a few berries on the trees but every morning I've been chopping up a couple of slices of bread and throwing it into the back lane for the birds to eat. We only really get seagulls and pigeons but there are a few starlings still knocking around and a family of crows. I've been chopping up bits of fruit too , every little helps in this weather I think.

We are still sledging to school. It is soooooo much quicker for Gabe to get pulled because if not he stops literally every two seconds to throw what he classes as snowballs.

Dobby doesn't mind the cold as he is safely tucked away in a nice warm drawer just waiting to go into a certain someone's Christmas stocking .

The pattern is available from here .... it's a really easy pattern to actually knit but I wasn't concentrating as I was sewing him up and as the bits for his feet and ears look pretty similar I ended up sewing his feet to his head !!! They don't look too bad though I think ? His eyes were a pain to do and I just couldn't get them right , this was as close as I could get.
Now I have to get on and finish the 8 pairs of wrist warmers I've got earmarked for presents and also a little green someone for Gabe.


Simone said...

Nice coving! I would love to sledge to school! I have never had a sledge or sledged in my life!!! Your little Dobby is a great character. He looks as though he has come to life in the last picture! x

Tabiboo said...

All that snow....still!

Kids are back at school though so I bet your all relieved - especially with the run up to Christmas and all that goes on with that.

I've got my fingers crossed for you guys for a thaw of some sorts.

take care,

Nina xxx

Julie Rutter said...

Our sledge has saved us too - altho' today, Tuesday, is my day for looking after my niece (2 1/2 yrs) and she screamed every time I tried to get her to go in....I now have a very sore back from carrying her and pulling Islay in sledge at same time, urgh.
Dobby is wonderful, there's no way I'd have known he had feet for ears and I love his eyes, nothing wrong with them. Juliex

driftwood said...

dobby is fantastic !

julie said...

Your Dobby is great! Looks like your snow is pretty deep - ours is all gone now. Good luck with the rest of the christmas knitting - hope you get it done in time.

potter jotter said...

Oh wow - Dobby! Am sure he will go down a storm on Christmas Day!

Bumpkin Bears said...

What fun to go sledging to school.. for him at least :) I've been busy feeding the birds in my garden too. Wishing you days keeping warm, Catherine x

Mia said...

I ♥ your Dobby!


Denise said...

I'd love to have some snow, but would rather it be on Christmas eve ;)
Dobby is rather cute, who's stocking is he going in, one of boys?

Adrienne said...

Sleding to school! Yikes! What a cute little Dobby - I just (finally) got to the movies to see the latest HP.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- I knew before I read it that it was Dobby -- he's adorable. Thanks for the link!