Thursday, 10 July 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Milo

Four years gone already and it doesn't seem like two minutes. Now what can I tell you about Milo?
He is funny,

can be very naughty at times,

is extremely loving and likes his kisses and cuddles.

He loves to learn new things and is forever asking questions.

plays with Baby G ( sometimes)

likes to dress up and is forever putting things on his head

he was very happy with his birthday eve pyjamas

was over the moon with his present

has grown 2 1/2 inches in the past year so is now 3ft 5 1/2

his obsession with buses drives us to distraction a lot of the time. He picks his nose a lot too. But you know what, for all his little faults we love him so much and wouldn't have him any other way. Happy Birthday Chunk !


Kellie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILO!!!!!!!!!!!! From all of us way over here! In the words of Jessica, what a 'wonderful' boy you are!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy 4th Birthday Milo!! Looks like he had a great day - love his birthday PJ's (a brilliant idea) and his little tricycle looks excellent. Loved all the baby pics - they certainly grow up fast - my son turns 14 in a few weeks!

LizzieJane said...

Happy Birthday Milo! What lovely photo's, he is so very cute.

littleluxury said...

Happy birthday Milo {love that name}
He looks very cheeky,but sweet!
regards Laura

Myriam said...

How adorable-isnt it amazing how fast they grow and how big they get.
Happy Happy Birthday Milo

Soo said...

Happy Happy Birthday Milo! What a cutie....four is such a fun age

Cathy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Milo! You just look gorgeous! Chubby cheeks!

sarahmurray said...

Oh they grow up so fast... Happy Birthday to your sweet pumpkin! His smile is such a joy. Lots of kisses for his smooshy cheeks! xxxx

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday Milo! A big hug from Henry and John across the ocean. Have a great day! (loved the cute pictures!)

Curlew Country said...

Happy, happy day Milo! Hope its full of fun and surprises,(certainly looks as if it was). What a lovely chap, from nipper to proper little boy.
You look like such a happy family.

Mama de Saga said...

Happy Birthday Milo!!!! I really enjoy 4 year olds. They begin to have such compassion about those around them, and are so curious. The picture of your two boys is so precious. I love the pjs you made him. He will want to wear them every night.

Miss sew n sew said...

AArrh! Happy Birthday Milo, love your pj's and what a cool bike! Enjoyed the photo's he's just so cute.
Love Sarahx
ps your hall looks gorgeous!

Katherines Dream said...

Happy Birthday Milo...he is a gorgeous little chunk!
Lovely pictures of him, he looks such a cheeky one.
You look like a very contended family.
Carol x

upstateLisa said...

Happy birthday Milo! Looks like someone had a fun day!

Kitty said...

A belated happy birthday to Milo! Hope he had a brilliant time, and hasn't fallen off that bike too much! x