Sunday, 17 February 2008

My First Tag

I've just been tagged by Sue at Vintage to Victorian, my first tag The tag is for the Archive Meme where we have to list the 5 favourite blog posts we've written - but it's not quite as simple as that because ...

Link 1 must be about family.
Link 2 must be about friends.
Link 3 must be about yourself, who you are … what you’re all about.
Link 4 must be about something you love.
Link 5 can be anything you choose.

Post 5 links and then tag 5 other people. At least 2 of the people must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better … and don’t forget to read the archive posts and leave comments!

So, here goes! erm now how do I start this--- I think because I haven't really got many archive posts I'm just going to tell you all new things if thats ok?

1) Family.... .. talking about my family on my blog was a hard decision to make. I couldn't decide if I should use their names , full face pictures or what. I think I will eventually start and use their names but I'm not sure yet. Looking at my family history it's a bit strange One fact is that recently my mams half sister was in the news again. Back in 1970 Jackie Ansell Lamb disappeared and her body was found 6 days later. Her murderer has never been caught. I had an uncle who many moons ago committed suicide by sticking his head in a gas oven. We only found this out when my sister was researching our family tree..I never knew either of my blood Granda's but my step Granda was the most amazing , kindest man and I still miss him today.

2) Friends...... .. I don't think that I really have many friends and those I do have been in my life for a long time. Joanne ( my oldest friend)I have known for about 20 years, I even introduced her to her husband, she lives closest to me. We have the kind of friendship where even though we have sometimes lost contact for a few years we can pick up exactly where we left off. I think I'm quite a closed person and don't let people in too easily. Kirstin and Jane I met whilst they were studying in Sunderland , they are from Chester and Birmingham so I don't see them very often.

3)Me..... This is a hard one. I think I am very much a daydreamer always fantasising about one thing or another. I get these ideas and then spend hours researching about it. i.e I always wanted to move abroad ( this one might be actually happening) . One of my sayings is if you haven't got dreams then what have you got? I suppose I'm never quite satisfied with what I have actually got although when I look at what I have got I should be ashamed for thinking that-- does that make sense? At present neither Hub or myself can drive, I'm sort of close to taking my driving test and can't wait to pass so that I can take the boys to places that I was taken to as a child by my parents and have such happy memories of.

4)Love...... Nature, I've always loved nature ( apart from spiders, sorry) one of my earliest memories is helping my dad dig the garden and collecting all the bugs and beasties in a bucket.. I love being outside and get very tetchy if I can't get outside at least once day. I so miss not having a garden and thats why I tend to rant on about what happens down the local park. I'd be lost without it. This kind of joins with no 3 but when I was a child we used to always go out on weekends, Barnard Castle, Seahouses or Frosterley to name but a few. As a family my mam and dad used to always take us places outdoors and I think thats where my love of nature came from. I also Love my Hub so much, we were friends before we actually got together and he helped me through some dark times, Thank you to him for loving me back.

5)Anything.... hmmm lets see. Hub and I got married in 2005, I never wanted a big wedding so me him and M who was 11 months at the time flew to Las Vegas and we got married in a place called Henderson,just outside of Vegas before going to Hawaii and then New York for our honeymoon. We did tell people we were going it wasn't an elopement or anything before you all start wondering. When my Granda died he left me £100, I put it into a bank account and vowed never to touch it unless it was for something really special. It stayed there for 8 years until I bought my wedding dress with it.

Yes, this is us on the beach in Hawaii!

Well, that was a lot wasn't it. I hope you are still with me and haven't drifted off to sleep from boredom or anything and that I don't come across as too much of an idiot or selfish. Now who to tag?

The Old Quilt
Elsewhere Living
Periwinkle Vintage ( a newbie just like me from Washington state)


Adrienne said...

I had felt the same way about pictures and names of my family. It's a hard decision to make. I too am like you - I get a bee in my bonnet and I have to research it until I can't stand it anymore. If I could only put forth that much energy in cleaning my house...

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi, lovely reading about you in this post. Yes, I decided not to use pictures and names of my family, only because a. they might not want to be in it and b. you never know who might be reading your blog - that makes me sound a bit paranoid, but it's just me being cautious I suppose. I would tell anyone in an email if they asked, I just wouldn't feel comfortable publishing it.
Hope you had a nice weekend,
Lucy x

driftwood said...

how lovely to read more about you!
I love your wedding story and how you saved the money from your Granda for your dress.
family is a difficult one, I've used initials so far, and the only photos haven't shown any faces so anyone could be recognised, and then sometimes I read gorgeous blogs where people have adorable photos of their children and wonder if I need to be so protective, but you will always know what feels best for you.
i hope you pass your driving test soon.

oh and thanks for the tag!

Nonnie said...

Good to read more about you. I really like your Wedding story. I'm also a total daydreamer. Sometimes I worry I daydream too much but then as you say what have we got without dreams. Thanks for the tag. I'm going to have to get reading back over my last year and a half to see what to include.

periwinkle vintage said...

Hey, Sweetie! Thanks for my first tag! I'll write it as soon as I'm not flying so high on Vicodin. (See my latest post)!

retrorose said...

hi, I also have my first tag, thanks; and I think I'll have to do what you did and just give new stuff. Now I'll have to start thinking!

retrorose said...

I should also have said I loved what you wrote, too excited about being tagged you see! I would love to go to Hawaii, it seems such a friendly place. In answer to your question to me, I live in Northern Ireland.