Monday, 11 February 2008

Misty Morning

Firstly I'm going to apologise for being a numpty ...I couldn't actually do any pictures because I was in the HTML screen instead of compose--doh. I did say in my first post that I wasn't very computer literate, but then again I did actually manage ( for the first time I might add) to get the pictures from the actual camera on to the laptop, so I'm giving myself a pat on the back for that.
So here goes....

Saturday night we had this

Early Sunday morning in the park we had this

And this

Then we went looking for cobwebs

Frosty berries

I'm really getting into photography now , my little camera goes everywhere with me.

Now Kim don't get too excited because these photographs are not very good at all. Basically G has this soft toy which M always wants to play with so I cut up one of his old blankets that wasn't in the best condition and made this



The reason he has been called a "Wonk" is that once again his head is wonky and his eyes are a bit skew whiff.... M wanted to call him Periwinkle , so we explained that that was bears name so he changed it to Teriwinkle or Terry for short. Teriwinkle Wonk has a bit of a ring about it don't you think chuckle.

Now the other night I was searching on the internet for a decent material shop up here in the North East and I found one called The Fat Quarters in a place called Blackhall Mill which is 5 miles outside of Newcastle. They do have a website ( I haven't figured out how to do a link yet sorry) and although it will take me a couple of hours to get there via Metro and bus as I don't drive , I really want to go and have a look around . So next week I'm going to drag kiddywinkles along with me as I don't have any babysitters and it's a school holiday. If I can I'll take some pics and let you know what it's like.


retrorose said...

That toy is wonkerful! Must try and find the website for the fabric. I have just bought material on ebay this evening for to start my patchwork. Next winter I'll have made one! Teriwinkle made me laugh. Kids love rhyming don't they?

Lucy Bloom said...

Beautiful photos, and the wonk is just great, the name suits him just right!
Lucy x

driftwood said...

gorgeous photos, and a great wonk, good luck with the fabric shop hunting.

Ragged Roses said...

Those photos were really worth waiting for, they're beautiful. And I am excited, I love the wonk, or perhaps, Periwonkle! I love finding new fabric shops, lucky you to have found a new one.

Claire said...

Hi Periwinkle - love your photos, and the Wonk! Ring a Rosie in Whitley Bay do have lots of materials for patchwork, and the ladies who run it are so helpful and interested, it's unbelievable. Fibery stuff is downstairs, and the fabricy stuff is upstairs, I think. You may want to call if you're going to travel - 0191 252 8874. They are on Park View, Whitley Bay, not the Monkseaton address that's sometimes listed. Hope that helps you.