Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Fat Quarters and 2 Hares

Well, it's been a busy few days what with it being half term and everything.

Monday, I decided that I was going to visit a shop called Ring A Rosies near Whitley Bay to get some material to make M a quilt. Hub was at work so I dragged my mam along with me to help with the boys. It took just over an hour to get there and when we did we found out that they had stopped selling patchwork stuff two weeks ago and were now concentrating on the knitting side of things. The wool and needles that they had were gorgeous but I had my heart set on fabric so was a bit disappointed. I did manage to pick up this though at the Singer shop just up the road from them.

Cute little gingerbread men

So today I upped and offed ( is this an actual word i wonder) with the boys again ( minus mam) and went to The Fat Quarters at Blackhall Mill. This journey took 2 hours each way via Metro and Bus but was well worth it. The shop seemed to be in the middle of nowhere but the stock was absolutely gorgeous. If I hadn't had the boys with me I could have browsed for hours but as it was I spent about half an hour and came away with these. The ladies there were just so helpful too.

I don't think the pic does them justice.. they are actually red and not pink

And this - M likes trains

They do have a website which you can get to by clickling the link on the right. Well worth a visit.

On the knitting front I've got a couple of little chaps for you to meet.. They were supposed to be rabbits but I think Hub was right when he said they looked more like hares.

This is Waiter-- named by M. I have no idea where he gets the names from,

And this is Mr Hare

I wonder how many more of these little chaps I could make with this lot?

Spare a thought for Baby G at the minute as the little chap is seriously under the weather, possibly getting more teeth.


Curlew Country said...

Hello, thanks for popping by my blog to say hello (yep, Caroline Zoob indeed and so is the little cup next to the jug - isn't her stuff lovely!)
What gorgeous fabrics, I have two boys too and there's not so much choice for them is there. Well found and I especially like the trains.(What a nightmare thatteh first shop had stopped selling FQs though!)
Lovely to discover a pretty new blog.
P.s Hope your little one is doing ok, my littlest man is teething too - not fun is it.x
P.P.S I've just been reading some of your lovely posts - what smashing pictures of your boys (love the spiders web, very handsome chaps!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Rabbits. Hares. Who cares. They're super. Lovely fabrics, too. Hope little G soon feel more cheerful with lots more teeth.

Vanessa said...

I found the Blackhall Mill website on the net a few weeks ago, I could of gone mad but I restrained myself!

Hope your little boy starts feeling better soon, or until the next teeth come through!

driftwood said...

love the fabric and the bunnnies!