Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Happy Pancake Day

Thanks for all your comments about my bear and my quilt. With the quilt I seriously thought about putting a border around it but I think I'm going to back it and use it over a chair, and about Periwinkle bear I think he's going to be needing a lady friend real soon.... I'll keep you posted on that one.
You know I look at all the gorgeous things that people have made and are showing on their Blogs and it makes me wonder if they've made one thing and stuck with it or have made lots of things and go back to what they do best? There are so many things that I want to try and do but it takes me so long to do just one thing I could go on forever..

Now back to pancakes

Look closely-- it's in the air

Ready to eat


Not so sure

Guess who cleaned up Hubs mess?

Please ignore the kitchen, I hate it. If I had the money a new one would be at the top of my wishlist and in it would be some of the new chicken range from M&S. I tried to add a picture of the cutest eggcups I've seen in a long while but it didn't work boo hoo


Vintage to Victorian said...

Your kitchen looks positively state of the art against mine - which can't be photographed for legal reasons!! I forgot all about Pancake Day. Oh woe is me! That one looks rather yummy!
Sue x

driftwood said...

your pancakes look yummy, love the action shot!

French Knots said...

Well done for getting a picture mid flip! We enjoyed our pancakes too.

Stacey said...

I love pancakes - although I am an extremely messy cook and seem to get batter just about everywhere.
Your kitchen is much nicer than our "renovator's delight". One day it will be beautifully tiled and shiny. One day.

cd&m said...

Oh well done, flipping pancakes! I just turn mine over very carefully with a fish slice and I still mess up!

retrorose said...

Thankfully the childminder had pancake day covered for me as I didn't have the ingredients at home. No need to feel guilty, they even had a race outside! The flipping action is definitely a 9.6. He lost 0.4 for poor wrist strength!