Friday, 29 February 2008

It Just Had To Be Done

A post today to get the 29th date on it I mean.
Today was also a sort of early Mothers Day as Hub is at work all weekend so I won't get a lie in boo hoo. I got these,

Candy colours

M brought this home from nursery, the beads are actually spongey and the whole thing comes off to make a bracelet. Bless him.

This is me drawn by M

And at Playgroup this morning all the mams were given these

My Boys thank you x

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Summer by the sea said...

Hi there! Just popped in to say Hi - There must be a thing about making Rabbits at the moment, I have just made three! - I love your 'gingerbread' fabric although I can't offer any advice on applique as it is something I have never done but would like to try. Good luck with your driving test when it comes up - Natalie x